Rapid Deployment Task Force detained last Kupavnenskaya gang member in Moscow

Rapid Deployment Task Force detained last Kupavnenskaya gang member in Moscow
Trial of gang members in December 2013

Kupavnenskaya criminal group, known for a series of bloody crimes at the beginning of the decade, has been completely eliminated. The last of its active members who remained at large has been detained in Moscow.

According to Mash telegram channel, the police, with the support of the Rapid Deployment Task Force, rounded him up on February 20.

According to the channel, detainee Sergey Vlasov was one of the leaders of Kupavnenskaya gang. In this regard, Vlasov faces life imprisonment, like two other active members of the crime group, convicted in 2013 for a series of armed attacks on collectors, accompanied by the murders of money carriers. Another four members of the gang were sentenced to terms ranging from 12 to 23 years.

The gang that existed since 2007 was formed from school friends in the village of Staraya Kupavna of the Moscow Region.

On December 16, 2009, two gangsters shot three collectors at the parking lot of vehicles next to exit No. 7 of the trade and fair complex Moskva (Cherkizon’s successor). Two of them died on the spot, the third, without regaining consciousness, died three days later from a massive blood loss in the hospital. The criminals took away 67 million rubles ($1 m) from the dead.

At the time of the detention of most gang members in 2011, it included several residents of Noginsk district aged between 29 and 38, predominantly unemployed.

The Criminal Investigation Department closed in on the alleged killers, having detained their finger man - a driver of the collector armored vehicle of the private security company Business Security Group LLC from another crew. 22 searches were conducted, a large number of firearms, ammunition, explosives and narcotic substances, mobile phones, as well as a plan of Moskva shopping center with notes of approach and withdrawal routes and the location of guard posts were seized.

Until January 2013, the detained bandits were convicted of other crimes as well. In particular, another murder in August 2010 was proved, then members of Kupavnenskaya gang, armed with Osa traumatic pistols, attacked a freight forwarder and driver with Torgsbyt LLC. The driver died from injuries received. The attackers' plunder was 474 thousand rubles ($7.2 thousand). Finally, Kupavnenskaya gangsters were charged with several more robberies.



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