Pseudo pedophile hunters gang leader faces 17 years in colony

Pseudo pedophile hunters gang leader faces 17 years in colony
Roman Rudayev

The rest of the gang members received shorter terms.

The leader of the gang of pseudo pedophile hunters, Roman Rudayev, was convicted - the jury sentenced him to 17 years for extortion, kidnapping and dragging minors into crimes, the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI) pens concerning the court's decision.

The remaining members of the gang also received sentences: of the Leningrad region Alexey Degtev, 22, was sentenced to 4 years and 3 months in a strict-security colony, Voronezh region native Kirill Yemelyanov, 19, - to 8 years' imprisonment, resident of the Pskov region Mikhail Ostashevsky, 19, - to suspended term of 8 years, Saint Petersburg resident Dmitry Tikhonov, 35, was sentenced to 8 years of strict regime.

Four juvenile members of the group from St. Petersburg also found themselves in the dock - three of them got suspended sentences, one - six years in a colony.

The case papers say in 2013 Rudayev organized a group that posted teenage profiles in social networks and dating sites. The convicts wrote to wealthy citizens from these profiles.

Rudayev personally did correspondence, according to the prosecution. Then a date was fixed with the citizens in rented apartments equipped with CCTV cameras. During the meetings, Rudayev and his accomplices broke into the room under the guise of police officers and staged detention. Afterward, the accused, according to investigators, blackmailed pedophiles and extorted money from them. Thus, the group managed to get money from at least six people. The total amount was 1.5 million rubles ($23.5 thousand).

In the framework of the investigation, well-known lawyer Oleg Baronov was also detained and convicted of indecent assaults on under-age children.

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