Prosecutors tell of which charges Borisena OCG members were acquitted

Prosecutors tell of which charges Borisena OCG members were acquitted

The Russian Supreme Court has instituted a new investigation against the Transbaikal gang’s leader and its members.

Transbaikal prosecutors explained why the Supreme Court overturned the convictions of Nikolay Borisenko aka Borisena and his gang members.

"Defendant Borisenko was acquitted of violation of Articles 222, part 1 (Illegal Acquisition, <...> Sale of Firearms <...>”) and 105, part 2, items (a), (g), and (h) (Assisting murder of a Chita resident to steal his apartment) of the Russian Criminal Code, according to the jury’s decision. Defendant Banshchikov was acquitted of violation of article 162, part 4, item (b) (armed attack on the Amazar village base) of the Code," the prosecutors’ message reads.

Prosecutors appealed the decision. Borisenko and 5 other gang members will be investigated anew. The judicial panel will also be changed.

To recall, the court convicted Borisenko, also known as Borisena, of violation of articles 162, part 4 (Robbery), 222, part 1 (Illegal <...> Storage of Firearms <...>), and 105, part 2 (Assisting murder) of the Code on July 6. He was given a 25-year custodial sentence (first 10 years in prison and other 15 in high-security prison camp).

Four other gang members – Vladimir Kolobov, Kirill Volkov, Sergey Fedoreev, and Roman Nozdrin – were given 3 to 18-year custodial sentences. Kolobov was charged with robbery and gravely injuring a victim; others were charged with theft.

Borisenko’s gang attacked ZBSM-142 LLC’s Mekhkolonny-142 base in September of 2005, according to investigators. ZBSM LLC was building the Chita-Khabarovsk highway. The criminals attacked, violently beat, and threatened to murder 2 security guards and stole a mobile crane, a crew bus, 600 liters of diesel fuel, and a diesel engine plant causing 2.3 million rubles ($38 thousand) worth of damages.

Moreover, court convicted Borisenko of instigating murder of witness Aleksandr Zakharchenko; the man testified against him. Zakharchenko allegedly saw Borisenko shoot dead a drunk who knocked on his door by mistake in 2007. Hitmen Anatoly Zinin and Vladimir Igoshin that killed Zakharchenko were given 25-year custodial sentences each for a series of crimes.

May we remind you that court had already given Borisenko a 24-year custodial sentence in December 2014. He was prosecuted for crimes of his gang of 'black' realtors back then.



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