Prosecutor-General’s Office: Tsepovyaz spends dozens of thousands rubles on delicacies

Prosecutor-General’s Office: Tsepovyaz spends dozens of thousands rubles on delicacies
Viacheslav Tsepovyaz

The member of Tsapki gang bought the delicacies through an intermediary who deals with bringing food to inmates.

The Prosecutor-General’s Office has carried out an audit following publication of pictures of an inmate Viacheslav Tsepovyaz showing him eating barbecue and crab meat. It was found out that the inmate convicted of mass murders in a stanitsa (a large village) of Kushchevka used to spend about 60 thousand rubles (roughly $900) on delicacies each month.

“During the check, we found a man who brought the food to the colony for Tsepovyaz,” Aleksander Kurennoy, a representative of the oversight agency, told in an interview shown on air of the Internet channel Efir (Air) owned by the Prosecutor-General’s Office.

Kurennoy said the man brought food to Tsepovyaz on a regular basis - about 3 times a month. He purchased the food on his own and brought it to the colony.

“It’s not only crab meat and caviar, but also fish, expensive cheese, sausages, cigarettes, household chemical goods and many others. The bags full of food weighed more than 30 kg with the maximum allowed weight of 20 kg,” Kurennoy clarified.

He added that the place where Tsepovyaz was preparing barbecue was also determined. It turned out to be the colony’s apiary. However, the law says an inmate should be convoyed by correctional facility’s employees - the condition that was violated. 

“The check is going on. The expertise that is still being carried out is to determine whether the pictures were faked or not,” Kurennoy added.

He specified that the man sent a list of the food - with the exact prices - Tsepovyaz needed to the latter’s relatives. The whole amount was sent to him. SMS-conversation released to the public dates back to 2017 which means Tsepovyaz had denied himself nothing for 4 years.



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