Prosecution Service does not agree with jurymen. Malysh who arranged outrageous situation in remand prison Medved gets 5 years for bribery

Prosecution Service does not agree with jurymen. Malysh who arranged outrageous situation in remand prison Medved gets 5 years for bribery
Malysh in court

The Prosecution Service has called a verdict delivered by jurymen “absurdity” and is intent to search for overturning the sentence for Sergey Shchipantsev.

Moscow’s Babushkinsky district court has sentenced a former member of Lyuberetskaya organized crime group Sergey Shchipantsev aka Malysh to 5 years of imprisonment. He got a sentence for bribery to a paramedic of Moscow’s remand prison #4 Irina Rayskaya, reports Business FM. Previously, Shchipantsev had been sentenced to 8.5 years for robbery. This summer, he may count on release on parole. As for other instances - including extortion of an apartment from an inmate Sergey Bortnikov, causing grievous bodily harm that caused death of another inmate Dmitry Shiryaev - the jurymen acquitted Malysh. Court also acquitted a leader of Izmaylovskaya organized crime group Aleksander Afanasiev (aka Afonya). He had prior records for robbery and possession of a weapon and was sentenced to 12 years in a strict regime colony, so he was not released.

The Prosecution Service remained unsatisfied with the verdict and is intent to seek for its retrial. The prosecution believes that the verdict contradicts common sense and the jurymen could be corrupted. “In other words, there is a dead body, but the jurymen decided there was no death, answering in the negative as to the death of the victim,” participant of the trial commented upon the verdict. In Bortnikov’s case, the jurymen decided it was not proved that Shchipantsev was involved in extortion.

The paramedic of the remand prison #4 Rayskaya (she was accused of taking bribes) and operative Aleksander Ksenofontov (he was accused of exceeding official authority) pleaded guilty. Their case was considered in a special way by court; they got suspended sentences. Besides that, at the present time, Babushkinsky court is considering a case of a head of an operative department of the remand prison Aleksander Stupin and inmate Aleksander Savin. The former is being accused of exceeding official authority and extortion from Bortnikov; the latter is being considered involved in extortion. Both plead not guilty.

It is to be recalled that the jurymen of Moscow’s Babushkinsky court acquitted Malysh and Afonya. The inmates ‘terrorized’ inmates of a Moscow remand prison #4 Medved: beat, threatened, and extorted money.

In 2016, four inmates died in the infirmary during the two months. The first one was a 33-year-old accused of theft who was taken to a hospital with a skull fracture. Less than a month later, another accused of theft was found dead in a cell. Then, another one died: he was found with his throat cut. The last one on this blacklist was a 34-year-old inmate. Interestingly, one inmate was saved after a suicide attempt.



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