Prokopovskie gang leader sentenced to maximum term

Prokopovskie gang leader sentenced to maximum term
Mikhail Prokopiev

The organized criminal group from Kirov dealt in murder, robbery, extortion, and arms trafficking.⁠

After a three-day reading of the case file, the Regional Court of the Kirov region passed the sentence to Mikhail Prokopiev (Prokop) and his accomplice Pavel Kolpakov.

Investigators established that the gang created by Prokopiev, which included at least 20 people, was operating in the region from 1993 to 2004. Criminals were mainly engaged in racketeering businessmen and waged war with competitors. As a result, according to the investigation, Prokopovskie committed more than a dozen murders and attacks on members of rival gangs and businessmen who refused to pay.

The court found evidence gathered by Russian investigators sufficient to sentence Prokopiev for life imprisonment. In addition, he will have to pay a fine of 1 million rubles.

Kolpakov received 18 years in a penal colony of strict regime.

Prokopiev was charged with organization of a criminal community, involvement in the murder of eight people and attempted murder of another three, as well as illicit trafficking in arms and ammunition. His victims were the leader of another gang Roman Gorodchikov, businessman Yevgeny Elkin, director of the Ajax private security agency Pavel Senin, director of the tea-packing factory Igor Gaydash, General Director of Vyatsky commercial center Anatoly Gorbushin, as well as participants in another Kirov gang.

Kolpakov was charged with murder. In 1998, he and other gang members killed the members of a rival gang. Kolpakov was also accused of participation in a criminal community. However, these charges under Art. 210 were dropped in the court due to the lapse of time.

During consideration of the case, it was indicated that Prokopiev had been actively involved in charity and had supported children's sports. However, investigators believed that Prokop had been investing the money received by the gang in the creation of entertainment venues and restaurants in the Kirov region. Another part of the profit went for purchase pf weapons. In Kirov, law enforcers found three large caches of ammunition, grenade launchers, and hand grenades. As a result, the court accepted as a mitigating circumstance only his active participation in the investigation, disability, and a little daughter.

Other gang members previously were previously sentenced for committing grave offenses. In particular, one of Prokop’s closest allies, Sergey Krivoshein was sentenced to 24 years and 1 month. Active gang participants Dmitry Izmestieva received 24 years, Sergey Shirin — 23 years, and Roman Kara and Leonid Podgaits — 13 years each.



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