Prokop sentenced to life imprisonment to give up high-ranking siloviki and officials?

Prokop sentenced to life imprisonment to give up high-ranking siloviki and officials?
Mikhail Prokopyev aka Prokop

Lawyer of the Prokopovskie OCG’s leader denies the deal with the law enforcers and awaits the full version of the Supreme Court's ruling.

Crime lord Mikhail Prokopyev aka Prokop, who has been given life sentence, is still in the Kirov pre-trial detention center No. 1 (SIZO-1). The Judicial Collegium for Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation revised the sentence of Prokopovskie OCG’s head back on June 7. He was found guilty of organizing a criminal community, banditry, murders, and attempted murder. Prokop was sentenced to life imprisonment. From the guilty verdict of the lower instance, only the episode with weapons was successfully appealed.

“The Supreme Court has overturned the article in the sentence of Mikhail Yurievich for possession of weapons as part of a group until 2015. This criminal case has been terminated. And despite the fact that it was this article that the Regional Court’s decision on a life sentence was based on, the Supreme Court upheld the life sentence for this person, who represents a ‘real danger to the public,’” lawyer Sergey Strelkov said.

The defense intends to appeal to the Presidium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation and simultaneously to the European Court of Human Rights.

After that, it was reported that Mikhail Prokopyev would soon be sent to Cherny Delfin (‘Black Dolphin’), a special regime colony for life-term prisoners in the Orenburg region. However, the leader of Prokopovskie is still in the detention facility. In this connection, the local press reported that Prokopyev had copped a deal with the law enforcers regarding the disclosure of several people’s murders. According to some information, Prokop is ready to report on the corruption activities of high-ranking officials and siloviki. For this, he requests to be included in the witness protection program. 

Lawyer Strelkov denied this information and said that his client would be sent to the place of serving the sentence after acquaintance with the reasoning part of the Supreme Court’s ruling. According to him, a correctional facility has yet to be appointed for Prokopyev. 

The OCG was active in the region from 1993 to 2004. As a result of its criminal business, the Prokopovskie committed more than ten murders and murder attempts at members of competing gangs and businessmen who refused to pay.

Prokop has been charged with organizing a criminal community, involvement in the murder of eight people and a murder attempt at three more, as well as illegal trafficking of arms and ammunition. His victims included the leader of another gang Roman Gorodchikov, businessman Evgeny Elkin, Director of Ayaks Private Security Company Pavel Senin, Director of tea-packing factory Igor Gaydash, Director General of Vyatsky Commercial Center Anatoly Gorbushin, as well as members of another Kirov OCG.



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