Primorye: MMA fighter and leader of organised crime group loses eye during rough detention 

Primorye: MMA fighter and leader of organised crime group loses eye during rough detention

Abdul Zakharov was detained for sexual involvement with an under-aged girl.

Ussuriysk police have detained a former MMA fighter and a leader of a local Daghestanian organised crime group Abdul Zakharov (aka Rusik). He is suspected of sexual involvement with a 13-year-old local.

According to Novosti Vladivostoka, Zakharov has multiple criminal records and is well known by the police, but he had always managed to get away with it.

The detention was carried out by operatives of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation of Russia’s MIA in the Primorye region by order of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

While in detention, the leader of an organised crime group attempted to run away, so the law enforcers had to apply force. As a result, Zakharov got an injury to the right side of the head which caused injury and subsequently loss of the eye. Now, Rusik is in a hospital. His lawyers maintain that he did not offer resistance while in detention, and he started running away because he saw unknown people in plain clothes detaining his friend. He “mistook the men for criminals who hunted for him.”

In particular, the defence team’s statement sent to different authorities says that a criminal gang comprised of criminals, policemen and high-ranking employees of the Federal Security Service has been active in Khasansky district for a long time, so they allegedly tried to extract confessions from Rusik.


The police employees state that they expected active opposition from a physically prepared and allegedly armed man, so they acted roughly. Criminal case against the law enforcers has been initiated under article related to exceeding official powers.



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