Pope called on mafia to refrain from crimes and violence

Pope called on mafia to refrain from crimes and violence
Pope Francis

The Pontiff delivered a sermon in Sicily, where he arrived to honor the memory of priest Giuseppe (Pino) Pulizi, who was killed 25 years ago members of the Cosa Nostra.

On Sunday, September 16, Pope Francis, who is on a visit to Sicily, addressed the members of the mafia, BBC reports.

In his sermon, the Pontiff urged the Mafiosi to abandon the commission of crimes and violence, noting that “the mafia does not live in a Christian way, because its way of life goes against God and is sinful.”

“I tell the members of the mafia: change, brothers and sisters! It is enough to think only about yourself and your money. Turn to the true God, to Jesus Christ, dear brothers and sisters,” the Pontiff said.

The news agency reports that 80 thousand people gathered in the port area of Palermo to listen to the Pope’s sermon.

Pope Francis arrived in Sicily to commemorate the priest Giuseppe (Pino) Pulizi, who devoted his life to fighting the mafia.

25 years ago, on September 15, 1993, father Pino, who tried to keep the youth of the poor suburbs of Palermo away from joining the mafia structures with all his might and urged the flock not to obey the criminals and live according to the Christian laws in his sermons, was killed by members of Cosa Nostra. Six organizers and perpetrators of the murder were found guilty in 1998. Almost all of them received lifelong terms. In 2013, the Catholic Church ranked Pulizi as a blessed martyr.



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