Policemen seize arms cache of local shot caller

Policemen seize arms cache of local shot caller
Leonid Kolesnikov

The investigators found two rifles, including one with an optical sight, seven thousand cartridges, 14 improvised explosive devices, ten grenades, 140 detonators, a rocket-propelled grenade and 14 rounds in the unfinished building.

The Leningrad region ICR initiated the case against shot caller and businessman Leonid Kolesnikov; an arsenal of two rifles, seven thousand rounds, 14 self-made bombs, ten grenades and shells for a grenade launcher were found. This is reported by the press service of the ICR.

Investigators found weapons in an unfinished building. Bomb-disposal experts arrived at the place.

The ICR in St. Petersburg suspects a gang led by Kolesnikov of armed attacks, extortions, and kidnappings. Bandits operated from 2010 to 2017.

In mid-July 2017, seven men were detained, among them, there was well-known businessman Leonid Kolesnikov from Sertolovo. Detainees are suspected of committing wrongdoings under Art. 162 of the Criminal Code (Robbery). There are already two counts: in March an entrepreneur of Azerbaijani nationality was robbed; unknown stole Mitsubishi car and mobile phone from the businessman; in June, gang members robbed the shop on Kultury Prospekt: more than 1 million rubles were stolen.

Last summer, law enforcement officers conducted 38 searches in Sertolovo and St. Petersburg. Law enforcement officers seized more than 4000 cartridges, 1 grenade launcher, 10 grenades, an improvised explosive device, at least 800 grams of TNT equivalent, 18 pistols and submachine guns, 6 machine guns, a grenade launcher, a machine gun, one machine gun from Kolesnikov's dacha.



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