Police Colonel faces 12 years in jail for selling secret letter to Gagiev’s gang

Police Colonel faces 12 years in jail for selling secret letter to Gagiev’s gang
Colonel Vadim Shavlokhov

The honored operative, who had taken part in the investigation into Colonel Yuri Budanov’s murder, has allowed an intermediary from Aslan Gagiev to get a picture of a letter about the crimes committed by the assassins’ OCG in exchange for $100 thousand.

In the Zamoskvoretsky District Court, hearings are held in the criminal case against MIA Colonel Vadim Shavlokhov charged with bribe-taking and abuse of official powers.

As Kommersant reports, the prosecution asked 10 years for Vadim Shavlokhov for Bribe-Taking on an especially large scale (part 6 of Art. 290 of the Russian Criminal Code) and 2 more years for Exceeding Official Powers (part 1 of Art. 286). As the publication notes, in total, this is 2 years more than the sentence served by Colonel Yuri Budanov, in solving the murder of whom Vadim Shavlokhov, a chevalier of many departmental awards and medals "For Courage" for fighting in Chechnya, had taken part. The prosecution does not request to deprive the colonel of his rewards, however, it insists that Shavlokhov is commissioned loss to enlisted status and sentenced to a fine of 210 million rubles ($3.65 million).

The defense seeks full acquittal of defendant Shavlokhov, believing that he has been slandered by the accomplices of Aslan Gagiev, accused of organizing 60 murders.

According to the investigation, conducted by the ICR Main Investigations Directorate, in 2013, Colonel Shavlokhov sold the letter by then-Head of the North Ossetian MIA Artur Akhmetkhanov addressed to Russian Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev to legal worker Arsen Gabaloev in exchange for $100 thousand. The letter referred to a gang of killers headed by Aslan Gagiev (Dzhako), accused in absentia of organizing 60 murders; Gagiev currently awaits extradition to Russia in an Austrian prison.

The charge against Shavlokhov is based on the testimony of ex-Deputy Head of the Prosecutor's Office Investigative Committee in the North Ossetia, Arkady Gabalov, who is serving a six-year sentence for taking part in Dzhako’s OCG, as well as lawyer Arsen Gabaloev, who has been recently released from a pre-trial detention center, where he had been held on charges of swindling with Gazprom shares.

Gabalov had concluded a deal with the investigation, as part of which he promised to report on new episodes for the investigation. One such episode is the sale of the letter. As a result of this deal, Gabalov received a minimum sentence for participation in the OCG.

According to the investigation, Colonel Shavlokhov received $100 thousand from Arsen Gabolaev in a car outside the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Zhitnaya Street. The former had taken a picture of the letter to the Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev. During hearings, it was also found out that Gabolaev had taken $25 thousand from the bribe amount for acting as an intermediary.

It is also reported that the letter was not classified as "top secret" or "for official use only," and the information from the letter, which Dzhako received from Gabolaev by e-mail, yielded nothing new to the OCG members. At that time, they were already on the wanted list. However, the picture of the latter was saved on a flash drive, which was later used as evidence against Colonel Shavlokhov.

The Colonel’s lawyers and the Colonel himself says that Shavlokhov has been slandered. The OCG members could have taking revenge on him as on an operative, who had taken part in their cultivation. Over the 17 years of service with the direct participation of Shavlokhov, over 400 criminals were detained and convicted, the lawyers note. Next week, Vadim Shavlokhov is to make the last speech, after which the judge will retire for sentencing.

As noted by Kommersant, the testimony by Gabalov and Gabolaev also indicated that Gagiev was ready to pay up to $7 million for the dismissal of Artur Akhmetkhanov and the appointment of a controlled person to his post. The case defendants say that they have transferred from $1.5 to $2.5 million to the Russian MIA, but Akhmetkhanov remained at his post.

To recall, September 12, the Supreme Court of Vienna granted the request for the extradition of the Russian Killer No. 1, which Russia had been requesting since January 2015. After the court session, Aslan Gagiev, who had been previously at large, was detained and placed under extradition arrest.



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