Police bust gang of gunmakers near Moscow

Police bust gang of gunmakers near Moscow
The mobsters were involved in gun manufacturing on an industrial scale

The gangsters looked for their customers on the Internet.

Security forces apprehended a gang involved in gun-running. Four suspects have been collared after an extensive surveillance operation was carried out by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Security Service in and around Moscow. They turned out to be all men aged between 30 and 40 residing in the outskirts of Moscow, one with a previous conviction.

Besides, the Moscow law enforcement dismantled their clandestine workshop where the mobsters would convert and fix military weapons on an industrial scale. During the search alone, the police found and seized over 25 firearms, including two machine guns and mortars, 9 rounds for grenade launchers, 4 artillery shells of 75 mm, 7 grenades, 940 rounds of ammunition of various calibers.

The criminals would look for their potential clients online and sell the guns on the web.

A criminal case has been initiated under part 1 of Art. 222 of the Criminal Code (Illegal Storage and Sale of Firearms, Ammunition and Explosive Devices). At the moment the suspects are under house arrest.

Investigators are revealing new details of the gang’s illegal activities, and are also establishing other accomplices. Besides, an examination will determine whether the weapons are operational.

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