Police beat disabled person while detaining him on suspicion of extremism

Police beat disabled person while detaining him on suspicion of extremism

The alleged organizer of the nationalist group was called an ambulance to the ICR’s building.

Daniil Bondar, 21, who was detained on suspicion of organizing an extremist community (part 1 of Article 282.1 CCRF), was called an ambulance into the building of the Investigation Committee – operatives beat the disable of the third group with Klinefelter syndrome with machine guns, Novaya Gazeta and MBKh-Media reported. According to the detainee’s mother, her son’s retina detached from the eye.

According to investigators, from August 2017 to December 2018, not far from Lake Krugloye in the Moscow Region and in the Losiny Ostrov park, members of the nationalist community organized by Bondar trained combat skills and weapon shooting. Law enforcement agencies reported exposing a gang of 30 people who attacked non-Slavic-looking individuals with traumatic and melee weapons.

According to Bondar’s mother, because of his illness, he cannot really speak and needs constant medication. The student's sister said that Bondar went to Losiny Ostrov with friends to play airsoft. During the searches, an airsoft gun and a model of a pneumatic weapon was found at the student’s place, the coordinator of Pravozaschity Otrkitky, Valentina Dekhtyarenko, said. Bondar is a member of the National Bloc community on VKontakte. Besides him, there are more than 5,800 people in the community.

Moscow’s Presnensky Court took Bondar into custody for two months. Another suspect in this case, Vitaly Kolodizhny, was released on bail.



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