Pimp taxi driver arrested in Moscow

Pimp taxi driver arrested in Moscow

In the south-west of Moscow, police arrested a 23-year-old pimp taxi driver.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow, law enforcement officers detained a 23-year-old taxi driver on Nagorny Boulevard. The young man is suspected of organizing prostitution.

Police officers detained the taxi driver who is a native of neighboring countries, on Nagorny Boulevard. The man is suspected of pimping. Guards also detained four women aged from 18 to 22 along with him. All of them have been engaged in the provision of sexual services for money, as the Moscow police explained.

Law enforcement authorities have found that the taxi driver would meet girls in various places and offer them a high-paying job in the form of prostitution. In addition, he had ordered corresponding business cards and handed them out to taxi clients.

Police has initiated criminal proceedings on Organization of prostitution against the taxi driver. As for the arrested girls, law enforcers have held them administratively liable for Prostitution.



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