Two high-ranking regional officials caught on camera with gang leader  

Two high-ranking regional officials caught on camera with gang leader
Anatoly Mikhalev and Ravil Geniatulin (in the center), Igor Melnichuk (second from right) Photo: Vechorka

The officials themselves confirm their visit to the Transbaikalian Investigative Committee (ICR) in this regard.⁠

Trans-Baikal officials are suspected in ties with gang, in particular, with the leaders of the Osinovskaya OCG. This became known to the publication of, which the day before reported that the local ICR summoned ex-Governor of the Trans-Baikal region Ravil Geniatulin and Acting Head of Chita Anatoly Mikhalev for questioning.

According to the edition, law enforcement agencies were interested in the photo, in which Ravil Geniatulin and Anatoly Mikhalev were depicted in the company of one of the leaders of the defeated Osinovskaya gang Igor Melnichuk, known under the nickname Krasny. It is curious that the Investigative Department drew attention to the photograph after it was published in the material of Komsomolskaya Pravda about the prisoners’ subculture.

Ravil Geniatulin, the ex-Governor of Trans-Baikal Territory, and Anatoly Mikhalev, the Acting Head of Chita, was summoned to the investigators; they confirmed this.

Ravil Geniatulin also did not deny and confirmed his visit to the Investigation Department.

"I honestly did not even read [the publication]. There was a photo where we opened or closed some boxing competitions, where was Igor Melnichuk, who at that time was the president of the federation [in boxing]. [...] What interrogations? Is there anything on us? We were simply questioned, I think. Did we know? Of course, we did. I know the president of the federation of any sport. And we had no relations with Melnichuk."

Recall that the Osinovskaya was once one of the largest and most powerful Trans-Baikal criminal groups. The gang was founded by Igor Melnichuk - the then president of the SFO Boxing Federation and criminal authority Igor Osintsev, nicknamed Osina. Later they were joined by other well-known persons – Drunins brothers, Dmitry Vedernikov, aka Vedera. Under the belt of the gang, which was operating for over 20 years, several dozen murders, covering, racketeering, extortion, kidnapping, robbery and other crimes.

As for Krasny, he was detained in Moscow in the spring of 2012. He was transferred to the Chita prison, here in October 2014 he was found hanged. Osinovskie members were sentenced to long terms.



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