Petrukha’s 'wallets' earn millions on governmental contracts 

Petrukha’s 'wallets' earn millions on governmental contracts
How many henchmen of Petrukha are flourishing on governmental contracts throughout the country? Photo: The CrimeRussia

'Authoritative' businessman Anatoly Petrov was repeatedly mentioned in our publications. The interests of this 'mafioso' from Balashikha expand far beyond the boundaries of the city. Recently, it became known that brothers Kozhemyakin, treasurers of Balashikhinskie organized criminal group, receive governmental contracts to supply meat products in the Pskov region on a regular basis. Even the FSB Border Guard Service is among their clients.

According to Nezygar’ (@russica2) Telegram channel, brothers Kozhemyakin may be the treasurers of Balashikhinskie organized criminal group led by businessman Anatoly Petrov (Petrukha). The brothers operate in the Pskov region, Republic of Bashkortostan, Komi Republic, metropolitan area, and St. Petersburg. 

Based on the available tax information, brothers Kozhemyakin are running a serious business. Oleg Kozhemyakin co-owns 11 companies, while Yuri Kozhemyakin – 12 legal entities. Some enterprises are jointly co-owned by them. The scope of their activities is pretty diverse: the businessmen used to produce jewelry in St. Petersburg and advertisement in Ufa; they run agricultural, construction, real estate, and property management businesses in the Moscow region and co-own Zolotaya Podkova (Golden Horseshoe) Equestrian Club in Krasnogorsk. Interestingly, other cofounders of this equestrian club had a joint business with 'Krasnogorsk shooter' Amiran Georgadze – who has gunned down four persons, including Yuri Karaulov, First Deputy Head of the Krasnogorsk District, in 2015.  


Anatoly Petrov (Petrukha)


On October 19, 2015, businessman Amiran Georgadze entered the Krasnogorsk Administration and shot dead Yuri Karaulov, First Deputy Head of the Krasnogorsk District, and Georgy Kotlyarenko, General Director of the Krasnogorsk Electrical Grids Enterprise Open Joint Stock Company. The shooter had also planned to kill Boris Rasskazov, Head of the Krasnogorsk District, – but this assassination attempt failed. Bystander Konstantin Smyslov and Tristan Zakaidze, an old partner of Georgadze in the vodka business, have accidentally run into him in the heat of the moment. The body of the shooter was later found in a country home – he has either killed himself of was shot dead. The most likely reasons behind the bloody carnage were financial disputes between Georgadze and local officials. The incident had split the society: some people condemned the shooter, while others sympathized him – not in the killings, but in his desperate situation typical for many Russian businessmen.

The business affairs of brothers Kozhemyakin are developing especially successfully in Pskov – their joint venture Pskovmyasoprom operates there. According to the company’s official website, this meat processing plant produces more than 180 items, including sausages, meat deli, and cooled and frozen semi-finished products.



The company regularly wins governmental contracts to supply meat and canned products to children’s institutions, the Administration for the Pskov Region of the Federal Penitentiary Service, and even the Border Guard Service of the Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation. In the last 12 months, the enterprise has signed contracts totaling almost 10 million rubles ($153.1 thousand).

Back in 2002, Anatoly Petrov was a co-owner of Pskovmyasoprom – but in 2014, Oleg and Yuri Kozhemyakin became its sole proprietors. This was not a redistribution of assets – the brothers maintain friendly ties with Petrukha since the times when all of them were living in the Chelyabinsk region. In the 1990s, Anatoly Petrov helped them to relocate to the Moscow region. No one can say how have brothers Kozhemyakin gained control over the oldest meat processing plant in the country (it was founded in 1893). No information about suspicious changes in its ownership is available. The law enforcement authorities have no questions to the businessmen in this regard. 


One of brothers Kozhemyakin and Petrukha

In fact, Oleg Kozhemyakin was mentioned in police reports – but due to other reasons. He has ties with well-known Balashikha bandit Aleksander Emel' yanov (Shults). Emel' yanov was a member of a gang operating in the metropolitan area and specialized in car-jacking. In 2002, Shults met Elena Kemenova, a student of the University of Physical Education. Shortly after that, the couple started living together. Shults prohibited the girl from attending the classes and communicating with her friends and raised a hand to her. Furthermore, Kemenova became aware that, contrary to his words, Emel' yanov was not a businessman and had another family. Five years later, Elena Kemenova decided to split with Shults – but he began terrorizing the girl and her parents.


Shults and Elena Kemenova

The bandit had repeatedly approached Elena and her relatives, threatened with weapons, fired shots in the wall, and promised to kill them if the girl does not return to him. After yet another assault, members of the Kemenov family submitted a complaint to the police, which outraged Shults even more. In October 2008, Emel' yanov has battered the parents of Elena and drove them in an unknown direction in their own car. Nobody had seen Aleksander and Nadezhda Kemenov since then; their bodies were never found. The law enforcement structures of Balashikha have launched full-scale searches of the missing parents and Emel' yanov only after a massive public outcry caused by this story. 

In January 2009, Aleksander Emel' yanov was arrested in a rented apartment in Podolsk. The bandit felt confident in the pretrial detention facility and repeatedly assured his cellmates that he won’t stay in jail for long. In 2010, the prosecutor requested to sentence Emel' yanov to 15 years behind bars – but he received only a 5-year term. The Balashikha Court had reclassified a number of his deeds under less grievous Articles of the Criminal Code. By the time of the sentencing, Shults has already spent 1.5 years in detention. The bodies of the abducted couple were not found, the evidence was not sufficient – so, the Main Investigations Directorate in the Moscow Region of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (ICR) has suspended the inquest into the disappearance of husband and wife Kemenov. Only in 2015, the panel of jurors found Aleksander Emel' yanov guilty of abduction and murder of spouses Kemenov (Articles 33, 105, 126, and 166 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), and he was sentenced to 25 years in a maximum security penal colony – although Elena Kemenova, orphaned by Shults, had expected him to be locked up for life.


Abducted parents of the girl

According to Nezygar' (@russica2) Telegram channel, Emel' yanov was never arrested or tried for car-jacking. Furthermore, Oleg Kozhemyakin was driving a Mercedes stolen by Shults.

Then, Nezygar’ reports, brothers Kozhemyakin have attracted the attention of the FSB in the framework of its inquest into bribery episodes in Reutov, Moscow region. A large number of apartments built by Centrstroy Development Company – controlled by former 'perpetual' Reutov Mayor Aleksander Khodyrev – belonged to bodyguards of brothers Kozhemyakin and Petrukha


Aleksander Khodyrev

According to the investigation, Mikhail Shlyapin, Director of Centrstroy, has ‘donated’ these apartments to Khodyrev as a reward for a 'favor’. To refresh background: Aleksander Khodyrev, who was in charge of Reutov since 1994, helped Shlyapin to deal with a gang of Chechen natives claiming a parcel of land where Centrstroy was supposed to erect a high-rise building. Khodyrev (nicknamed Khan for his initials) has 'solved' the problem in exchange for $7 million and an apartment granted to the Head of the FSB Directorate for the City of Lyubertsy. After that, Shlyapin passed under the control of Khodyrev and started building high-raises in the interests of the Mayor. Later, Aleksander Khodyrev became the Mayor of Korolev and then – Mayor of Ivanteevka, but he still remains the unofficial 'master' of Reutov and maintains close ties with adjacent Balashikha. Khodyrev had joint 'business projects’ with Evgeny Zhirkov, the former 'perpetual' Mayor of Balashikha, and even built an undeclared mansion for himself not in Reutov – but in Balashikha.


Aleksander Khodyrev and Mikhail Shlyapin

Petrukha operates mostly in Balashikha, too. In December 2016, several records of his conversations with Zhirkov had leaked online. The criminal 'authority' and the Mayor discussed financial schemes and 'kickbacks' to be paid to the Government of the Moscow Region to secure the victory of companies controlled by Zhirkov at city improvement tenders.  

The law enforcement authorities have ignored the 'intimate' conversations between Zhirkov and Petrov where Vorobiev and Shoigu were casually mentioned as 'lords’ of the local lands. The Federal Center of Forensic Expertise of the Ministry of Justice has confirmed the authenticity of the videos. Still, no criminal cases were instituted against Zhirkov. Businessman and Deputy Aleksander Ivanov, shown on the video together with the Balashikha Mayor discussing the corruption schemes, was found shot to death in his office shortly after the publication of the records. According to the official version, he has committed suicide. However, some sources claim that it was he who had leaked the compromising videos online or contributed to that. To reiterate: the law enforcement structures have no questions in this regard – neither to persons mentioned in the conversations nor to their participants.

In fact, this is understandable: Petrukha has friendly ties with Mikhail Moskalenko, Head of the Balashikha Municipal Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of the Russian Federation. The point is that Anatoly Petrov is well-known in the official circles as an athlete and Vice President of the Professional Boxing Federation of Russia. At one of the “Professional Boxing Nights”, Moskalenko was captured on camera sitting between Zhirkov and Petrov. 


Viktor Ageev, President of the Professional Boxing Federation of Russia; businessman Anatoly Petrov; Mikhail Moskalenko, Head of the Balashikha Municipal Department of the MIA; and Evgeny Zhirkov, ex-Mayor of Balashikha

In addition to establishing ties with 'right people' at sports events, Anatoly Petrov is steadily building his business empire. He owns more than 90 companies incorporated in Shatura, Elektrostal, Ufa, Kazan, St. Petersburg, Cheboksary, Noginsk, Samara, Tver, Volgograd, etc. In other words, henchmen of Petrukha – like brothers Kozhemyakin – can be found in many parts of Russia, while his connections and interests expand far beyond the operations of Balashikhinskie organized criminal group.



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