Petrozavodsk OCG committed crimes for 100 volumes of criminal cases

Petrozavodsk OCG committed crimes for 100 volumes of criminal cases

ICК experts have completed an investigation into the criminal case against the Petrozavodsk gang members; all investigation materials amounting to 100 volumes with the approved indictment have been submitted to the City Court of Petrozavodsk.

Four persons involved in this case are charged with the commission of economic crimes. At the same time, they are accused of committing a number of grave and especially grave crimes, depending on what role each of them played in the organized crime group.

According to the Republic Prosecutor's Office, a resident of Petrozavodsk organized a gang and started supplying fake alcohol in Karelia with further sale through local shops. He had his friends as his accomplices, distributing the responsibilities in the OCG.

Apart from the 'knock-off booze’, the gang was cashing in money, performed illegal cash collection, and terrorized the local utilities companies, trying to single-handedly capture the market. They burned the cars of representatives of several companies servicing in the field of housing and threatened them with physical violence via SMS messages. 

The law enforcement agencies managed to stop the gang’s activity in November 2014. Searches conducted by security forces revealed 40 thousand bottles of counterfeit alcohol, ammunition, and weapons.

According to estimates of law enforcement officers, the OCG’s income at the time of detention exceeded 30 million rubles (517 thousand dollars). Moreover, they ‘earned’ about 8 million rubles (138 thousand dollars) as cashiers, received a commission for cashing in 370 million rubles (6.3 million dollars).

To date, 100 volumes of case materials are in court. Proceedings against four members of the OCG are to begin in the nearest future; another five members have already been convicted.



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