Participant in shooting of Moscow policemen detained after 20 years

Participant in shooting of Moscow policemen detained after 20 years
The commemorative plaque in 38, Goncharnaya Street

Stanislav Volkov, being a member of a gang in 1997, raided company Orbital LTD. Bandits opened fire on the officers of the Moscow police who arrived on the call, which led to three of them being killed.⁠

After 20 years of searches Employees of the Investigative Committee detained the last participant of the raid on the commercial enterprise in Moscow, during which three policemen were killed. The detained turned out to be 48-year-old Stanislav Volkov.

The raid on the office of Russian-Indian company Orbital LTD in Goncharnaya Street was carried out in July 1997. Then the robbery attack caused a stir in the capital, as three policemen were killed as a result of the raid. The crime was planned by a gang of Yury Mojaev, known by the nickname Slon (Elephant). It is interesting that the gang formed in 1995 from Novogireevskaya criminal group, but later the brigades of Novogireevo district repudiated any connection with Slon’s gang. District leaders called Slonovskiye "real thugs" who did live not by the gangsta rules. It is known that the group of Yury Mojaev regularly raided companies engaged in the sale of food and household appliances. The criminals sold the robbed at Veshnyakovsky and Novogireevsky markets.

Thus, in July 1997 a raid on Orbital LTD was organized and committed. The bandits armed with pistols and machine guns penetrated into the office of the company, in which the company's employees were. While they were dealing with one of the owners of the company, an Indian citizen, one of the employees pressed the police call button. The immediate response team of the 37th police station, consisting of sergeant Alexander Khokhlachov, senior sergeant Yury Nikitin, captain Yury Shibilkin and senior investigator Galina Yakovenko, arrived at the scene. Slonovskiye opened fire on the arrived law enforcers. The shootout killed 21-year-old Khokhlachev and 36-year-old Nikitin on the spot, and seriously injured their workmates.

A squad arrived in time to help the policemen. The bandits covered themselves with hostages, so the operatives managed to neutralize only one raider – Nikolay Morozov. The man was mortally wounded. The rest of Slonovskiye managed to escape. A few days later, 30-year old Yury Shibilkin, wounded in the shootout near Orbital, died in the hospital.

Slonovskiye were put on the federal wanted list. Soon operatives of the Moscow Criminal Intelligence detained all active members of the gang. In August 1997 ringleader Yury Mojayev and his partner Victor Afontsev were rounded up in the territory of Ukraine in Kharkov. Later, Valery Kabanov was also detained. In 2003 the siloviki succeeded in identifying and arresting another participant in the high-profile crime, Oleg Doljenkov, known by the nickname Paramon. The active members of the gang were sentenced to long prison terms.

Only Stanislav Volkov managed to escape justice for two decades. He was charged under three articles of the Criminal Code: Art. 209 of the Criminal Code (Banditry), Art. 162 of the Criminal Code (Armed Robbery) and Art. 317 of the Criminal Code (Encroachment on the Lives of an Officer of a Law-Enforcement Agency). The investigators sent an application for his arrest to the court.



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