Participant in Mikhail Krug’s murder kills cell mate in sweatbox  

Participant in Mikhail Krug’s murder kills cell mate in sweatbox 
Aleksandr Ageev

In prison, a member of the Tverskie Volki OCG, Aleksandr Ageev, was an ‘activist’ of the Federal Penitentiary Service.

The circumstances, under which the hit man of the Tverskie Volki gang, Aleksandr Ageev, killed one of his cell mates, have been revealed. To recall, he is suspected of involvement in the murder of chansonnier Mikhail Krug. Previously, it was reported that he had strangled two people in prison.

As MK correspondents found out, on September 13, 2016, one of them was not just strangled, but brutally beaten to death in a sweatbox by Ageev, a life-sentenced prisoner. He and his cell mate, a Nazi Aleksey Voevodin, performed "special assignments" of the staff of the penal colony of special regime IK-18 in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, which better known as Polyarnaya Sova (‘Polar Owl’). For example, they would force prisoners to make a full confession.

In 2005, such methods even resulted in a scandal and a criminal case against operative officer Yury Sandrykin. The jailer who wanted to get promoted with the help of activists forced people to confess in almost all the high-profile crimes of the time, including the murders of Anna Politkovskaya and Paul Khlebnikov. Now the ex-jailer has long served his sentence and returned to his native village.

Алексей Воеводин

Aleksey Voevodin

However, operative Igor Nesterenko, who replaced him, decided to target various ‘complainants.’ The most active complainant was Valery Zakharkin, convicted for life for robberies and murders (including of police officers). By the time, he had already served time at the Vologodsky Pyatak and Bely Lebed, where he would make the life of the prison administration a misery by filing complaints with all the authorities. In 2010, he even won the trial at the European Court of Human Rights. Back then, Strasbourg obliged the Russian Federation to pay the convict 21 thousand euros for “terrible” conditions of detention. Sandrykin used this money to hire lawyers and continued to “terrorize” all instances, including the administration of the Polyarnaya Sova. That was when Nesterenko took the complainant to Ageev and Voevodin’s sweatbox. Zakharkin could not stand their sophisticated tortures, which lasted about an hour and a half. According to MK’s source, his head was turned into a mess. The administration wanted to make it look like a conflict between three cell mates, but after complaints from other prisoners, it was not possible to hide the incident. Especially since Ageev and Voevodin admitted that they had obeyed the orders of the colony adminsitration.

It is known that there are six victims in this case. They include Andrey Sinelnikov, who killed a whole family (including two children) and a store security guard in Chelyabinsk in the 2000s, the “black realtor” Gennady Shigaev, who was killing people over apartments in the Belgorod region, Umar Salpagarov, a terrorist from the Stavropol region who shot five people from Kalashnikov in 2000, and others. All of them complained about broken teeth, ribs, and limbs. 

It is noteworthy that it was this new case that prompted Ageev to make a confession that he had participated in the raid on the house of the famous chansonnier Mikhail Krug. According to him, he broke into the house to rob the singer, but did not participate in the murder. Last week, he was taken to Krug’s house in Tver for a crime re-enactment.

As for the proceedings in the murder of Zakharkin, the criminal case has been referred to court. Ageev and Voevodin are charged with Murder and Torture, and their probable leader, the operative officer of the Polyarnaya Sova prison, Igor Nesterenko, with Exceeding Official Powers. The jury will decide their fate on August 21.




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