Paris sentences Chechnya native to 20 years in jail for slaying businessman  

Paris sentences Chechnya native to 20 years in jail for slaying businessman
Mikhail Lanin

The killing of the ex-General Director of Saratovstroysteklo, Mikhail Lanin, was orchestrated by Chechen killer Validom Lurakhmayev, nicknamed Validol, who was declared wanted by Interpol.

A Paris court sentenced Chechen native Ruslan Bersanov to 20 years’ imprisonment for the murder of Russian businessman Mikhail Lanin in 2011, writes RIA Novosti with reference to the lawyer of the injured party, Irina Sidorova.

Bersanov was found guilty of a deliberate murder committed in a criminal conspiracy. The second defendant of the case, Yazid Arsaliyev, who was accused of complicity, was acquitted by the court. According to Sidorova, Arsaliyev may receive compensation for seven years’ custody.

The third person named in the case, Badrudin Kaimov, who, according to investigators, was selling stolen items of the deceased Lanin, was sentenced to six months' suspended incarceration.

In December 2016, Dorogomilovsky Court of Moscow sentenced Sultan Sigauri, the fourth accomplice in the murder, to 8.5 years of imprisonment; he acted as an intermediary between the client, according to the Russian investigation, the leader of the gang of ‘fixers’ who sold high posts, Akhmad Khamidov and the organizer of Lanin’s homicide, Valid Lurakhmayev, dubbed Validol. Lurakhmayev was put on the international wanted list by Interpol.


Valid Lurakhmayev, aka Validol

According to the Russian inference, Lanin was killed for demanding the return of 200 million rubles ($3.2m), which he paid the ‘fixers’ for appointing him to the leading position in Olimpstroy Group of Companies or Mezhregiongaz, and his son – in the central office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. However, the promised never happened, and Lanin threatened Khamidov with an appeal to law enforcement agencies. Khamidov promised that they would re-register an apartment in France in his name in order to repay the debt, and to this end, Lanin and his girlfriend flew to Paris. The ‘fixers’ did not intend to return the money, due to which they put a hit out on the businessman. Lurakhmayev, in turn, hired executors from among the emigrants from Chechnya living in France, promising them 100 thousand euros. However, according to the testimony of Arsaliyev acquitted by the Paris court, who performed the functions of a driver, he was paid only 200 euros for what he did.

The lawyer said the injured party was shocked by such a mild sentence. The court decision can be appealed within ten days.

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