Painting baths and plumbing trade. What former killers of Orekhovskaya and Medvedkovskaya OCGs do at large 

Painting baths and plumbing trade. What former killers of Orekhovskaya and Medvedkovskaya OCGs do at large
Orekhovskie in the courtroom

Participants of the most brutal in the 1990s organized crime groups, having stayed for 10 or more years, go free one after another. Will not they want to return the time of the bloody showdown?

By 2019, more than 10 former leaders and active members of Orekhovskaya and related to Medvedkovskaya OCG were released after serving long sentences, Rosbalt reports, citing a law enforcement source. On account of some of them there is involvement in a variety of murders.

Therefore, the exit from the places of imprisonment of the imprisoned gangsters of the “dashing 90s” caused the logical fear of the operatives whether it would entail a surge of crime. Rosbalt found out what the former Orekhovskie are doing at liberty.

According to the source of the agency, the return of the times of bloody showdown, despite the fears of the siloviki, did not happen. Most of the former Orekhovskie mastered quite peaceful ways of earning money.

For example, once one of the toughest militants of an organized criminal group, Vladimir Gribkov (Bulochnik), who began his criminal career as a bodyguard of Yury Bachurin (Usatiy) – the leader of the Lianozovo brigade that belonged to the Orekhovskaya organized criminal group, and after the death of Usatiy, became Oleg Pylyov’s bodyguard and often, on his orders, he beat competitors from other organized crime groups to death with his fists, now he works as an ordinary driver. Rosbalt reminds that from the testimony of Bulochnik, who after his arrest began to talk about the murders committed by the Orekhovskie and describe the hierarchy of organized crime groups and the defeat of the Orekhovskie began. For this, Gribkov received the minimum possible term – 13 years of the colony, but he did not serve his time getting freedom on parole.

In addition to him, Alexander Fedin, a member of the Orekhovo-Medvedkovskaya organized crime group, who was one of the killers of the organized criminal group and personally eliminated the thief in law Alexander Makushenko (Sasha Tsygan), Alexander Tokarev, the bodyguard of the crime lord of the Izmaylovskaya organized crime group Vladimir Zaichikov (Zayats), crime lord Evgeny Lyubimov. As a result of active cooperation with the investigation, Fedin received a 12-year term. At liberty, he is engaged in painting baths and plumbing trade.

Sergey Butorin, who was directly subordinate to Osya (leader of the Orekhovskaya OCG) and was engaged in wiretapping businessmen and members of the organized criminal groups and analyzing them, was also released after eight years of imprisonment.

Orekhovskaya’s leader Sergey Butorin (right) and his bodyguard Marat Polyansky on the dock

According to an agency source, since Kravchenko was always well versed in technology, and prior to his arrest, he worked with one television channel, in the wild he opened a small business related to technical safety. The former member of the Medvedkovskaya gang, Aleksey Yakovlev, who was previously sentenced to 8.5 years in prison, is also busy developing his own small business.

Rosbalt also notes that the Orekhovskaya’s Viktor Gusyatinsky (brother of one of the Orekhovskaya’s leaders Grigory Gusyatinsky), Andrey Gusev (a killer named Makar, who personally took part in the murder in Greece of Alexander Solonik), Sergey Elizarov (assisted in the implementation of the killings to "killer No. 1" Aleksey Sherstobitov). All of them, according to the media, lead a peaceful lifestyle, and so far no one has been seen trying to return to past activities.



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