Osinovskiye gang members hand over crooked cop to prosecution 

Osinovskiye gang members hand over crooked cop to prosecution
Former deputy head of the Administration of Internal Affairs of Chita Andranik Amiryan

Former Deputy Chief of Police in Chita, a retired police colonel Andranik Amiryan has recently been detained. The investigation claims that this crooked cop was an informant of the Osinovskiye organized crime grouping.

Members of Igor Osintsev’s gang (Osinovskiye) keep on handing over former accomplices to the investigation. A few weeks earlier, the court sentenced a businessman Alexander Cherepyanko in 12 years in a penal colony for inciting murder committed for hire. The information was obtained from members of the Metsenatovskaya gang, which had been part of the Osinovskiye. The leader of Metsenatovskaya, Dmitry Vedernikov (also known as Veder), said that the businessman turned to them with a request to commit murder for hire.

According to Zabmedia, this time Vedernikov testified against ex-deputy head of the Internal Affairs Directorate in Chita, a retired police colonel Andranik Amiryan. It was found that in 2003, Amiryan organized robbery against an owner of an expensive car in Chita. The investigators claim that the former police officer served as an informant of the Osinovskiye gang. It is known that he provided the bandits with personal data on the SUV owner, his place of residence, and registration number of the car. Guided by the crooked cop, the gang members attacked the owner of the car, beat him, and stole his vehicle.

Andranik Amiryan is charged with a crime under art. 33 para. 4, 5, of, and art. 162 para. 3 subpara. a, b of the Russian Criminal Code (incitement and aiding and abetting robbery, committed in large scale by an organized group). In the near future, the court will determine a measure of restraint.


Igor Osintsev’s organized crime grouping, which acted at the territory of Zabaikalsky Region in the 1990s and 2000s, was the largest in the region. More than 10 people were detained on charges of the group’s involvement in assassinations. Also, about 10 people are serving their sentences in the penal colonies, including Osintsev himself. According to investigators, they have gathered materials about the group’s involvement in a number of other assassination.  In the future though, they may well be talking about dozens of murders. In April 2012, the last of the gang member, who remained free, was arrested in Moscow - Igor Melnichuk, nicknamed Krasniy, who had been wanted for 5 years.

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