Orekhovskaya gang tried to kill businessman Zhurba, who survived several assassination attempts, with grenade launcher

Orekhovskaya gang tried to kill businessman Zhurba, who survived several assassination attempts, with grenade launcher
Sergey Zhurba

For the businessman’s assassination the criminal group’s members planned to earn 5 million rubles.

Details of businessman Sergey Zhurba’s assassination attempt in 2015 in the Moscow Region transpired. The Orekhovskie OCG planned to kill the owner of Odintsovskoye Podvorye with a grenade launcher. The crime plan was developed by the killers of the gang Sergey Frolov (Bolton) and the former commando Igor Sosnovsky (Chipit), told AGN Moskva sources in law enforcement agencies. The plan was to be executed by the members of the group Garnik Sargsyan, Anzor Dogushev, and Beslan Asakaev.

The gang members orchestrated everything quite carefully. The idea was to get rid of the businessman, who had survived several assassination attempts, by blasting his car out of an antitank grenade launcher RPG-7. The crime must have occurred at the intersection of Rublevo-Uspenslkoye and Krasnogorskoye Highways. The members of the group had to prepare their 'workplace' on the territory of an agricultural complex, from where they were planning to shoot: they built a platform and cut down the branches of trees along the presumed trajectory of the shot.

According to the source, after the explosion of businessman Sergey Zhurba’s car, failed assassins Sargsyan, Dogushev, and Asakaev had to recede on bikes and ride to the mouth of the Moscow River near Gorki-2. According to the plan, on the other side of the river, their accomplices, who were supposed to help them escape, had to wait for them.

The agency’s interlocutor also said that another motive for the attempt on Zhurba was his refusal to increase the percentage of the kickback of his profits. For the murder of the businessman, the Orekhovskaya gang members were to receive a reward of 5 million rubles.

However, the well-designed and prepared crime was not meant to happen. Security forces detained Sargsyan, Dogushev, and Asakaev in July 2015. A criminal case on murder article was initiated on this fact. Earlier, the Central Investigation Department of the Russian Investigative Committee for the Moscow Region also gave the two killers of the gang – Sosnovsky (Chipita) and Frolov (Bolton) a notice of final version of formal charges on murders and attempted murders.

It is to be noted that this was not the first attempt to kill businessman. In 2010, in Odintsovo, the group of hijackers gunned Sergey Zhurba’s Range Rover in which there was the businessman himself, his driver, and two bodyguards. As a result of the assassination attempt, the bodyguards were killed and Zhurba and the driver were injured. In June 2014, the second attempt was made on the entrepreneur. At that moment, when he, accompanied by bodyguards approached his office of LLC Odintsovskoye Podvorye on the Mozhaiskoye Highway, a sniper shot him in the back. Zhurba once again managed to survive. A month later, Zhurba’s personal driver Alexey Zakharov was shot in Odintsovo. Another victim of the criminals was the businessman’s lawyer Ivan Leontyev. Then, the criminals dealt with Sergey Zhurba’s lawyer Tatiana Akimtseva and shot the Deputy CEO of LLC Odintsovskoye Podvorye Vitaly Moiseev and his wife.



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