Orekhovskaya gang investigation is complete, but police is yet to catch Mr Makar after 17 years

Orekhovskaya gang investigation is complete, but police is yet to catch Mr Makar after 17 years
Chipit and Bolton

The police successfully investigated several murders ordered by the Orekhovskie gang. However, it has not been able to catch the 'main hero' of the massacre for 17 years.

The Main Office of Investigations of the Committee in the Moscow Region issued the final edition of the multiple murders & attempted murders case against 2 gang killers. Igor Sosnovsky, also known as Chipit, and Sergey Frolov, also known as Bolton, are soon to face trial.

At the same time, police has not been able to catch Vladislav Makarov, a former Special Rapid Response Team soldier who later became a criminal known as Makar. He has been successfully hiding from prosecution for almost 20 years. It was he who ordered the 2 killers the murders, according to the investigation. Tatiana Akimtseva, an attorney, was one of the victims.

Vladislav Makarov was not going to turn into a criminal initially, according to police. Moreover, he dreamed of a career in the police. He was hired by the Special Rapid Response Team of the Moscow Regional Directorate for Combating Organized Crime in 1990s. He fought during the Chechen military campaign later on and was decorated with the Order of Courage and several medals.

The Directorate was the main force fighting organized crime during the “turbulent” 1990s in Russia. At first, Mr Makarov regularly participated in operations against gang members and leaders. However, he began getting corrupt later on.

This was due to influence of Dmitry Belkin, his former schoolmate. Mr Belkin, also known as Belok in the criminal community, made a successful criminal 'career'. He established and led the Odintsovskaya gang in 1990s. At the time, the Goliyanovskie gang controlled almost every company in the same area. At the time, this gang fought with the Orekhovskaya gang led by Sergey Timofeev, also known as Silvestr.

Sergey Butorin, also known as Osya, was the one responsible for gunfights in the Orekhovskaya gang. Belok and Osya later united fighting units of their gangs to stand up against the Goliyanovskie gang. They were busy with eliminating their rivals for almost a year. Gangsters also killed a lot of innocent people while sorting things out.

Once the Goliyanovskie gang gave up on trying to seize the Odintsovo District, their rivals proposed killing them anyway for revenge. Belok began blackmailing local entrepreneurs mercilessly once he killed his gang’s ‘rivals’, according to police. He made appointments, set certain tributes, refused any attempt at negotiation, and told people where and when to bring money. Gangsters would kill entrepreneurs for failing comply with their ultimatums.

Belok’s fighting unit merged with the Orekhovskaya gang later on. The “newly formed” gang came to be known as one of the most bloodthirsty and powerful gangs.

However, the gang was eventually plagued by infighting; the most prominent gangsters began struggling for leadership. Silvestr was blown up in the Moscow center in 1994. Osya and Belok continued methodically exterminating rivals. They killed Kultik, Drakon (Dragon), and Vitokha, prominent criminal community members, among others. The 2 gangsters began murdering other gang leaders once they were done with the three men.


Vladislav Makarov began working with Belok with leaking information about special police operations targeted against the Orekhovskaya gang. He began participating in the gang’s gunfights later on while still serving in the Team.

Belok and Osya highly valued Mr Makarov’s skillset; he was soon ‘promoted’ to the gang brigadier. He stopped killing and began plotting murders to be executed by his fighters instead. It is worth mentioning that he only decided to quit the Team at this point.

Moscow Region criminal lord used to ‘employ’ killers from other regions a lot. Belok ordered Makar to find several 'regionals' one day; Makar chose Igor Sosnovsky and Sergey Frolov, athlete paratroopers from the Kemerovo Region. The gang later formed a new fighting unit led by Mr Makarov. It came to be known as the Kemerovskie unit in the criminal community. It is worth mentioning that the new unit was autonomous and acted independently from the rest of the Orekhovskaya gang. It took orders from Belok only; it became his personal 'firing squad' eventually. It would kill anyone who Belok chose; Makar would orchestrate such murders.

Makar, Chipit, and Bolton were put on the international wanted list in 1999; the 3 men went on the run. They were put on the list in the wake of a group of killers murdering investigator Yuri Kerez; the man investigated cases related to Belok’s gang activities. He got too close and got killed.

Mr Belking managed to hide from prosecution for 12 years; his accessories were arrested across the globe much earlier.

Belok stayed in touch with his accessories using specially trained people, according to the investigation. These people also supervised his financial interests in Russia; the criminal held shares in several major Russian companies in 1990s.

Belok was arrested in Spain on April 30, 2011. He went there to meet a linkman. Spain extradited him back to Russia in March 2012 – at the same time when entrepreneur Sergey Zhurba seized the market and pushed Belok’s family and Belok himself out of ‘business’.

Sergey Zhurba was assassinated in June 2014; a sniper shot him in the back while he was approaching his Mozahyskoe Highway office accompanied by his personal guards. Aleksey Zakharov, Mr Zhurba’s personal driver, was shot dead in the City of Odintsovo, Moscow Region a month later. Ivan Leontiev, the entrepreneur’s lawyer, was killed next. After that, criminals killed Tatiana Akimtseva, Mr Zhurba’s attorney, and Vitaly Moiseev, the Odintsovskoe Podvorie Company Deputy CEO.

While conducting the investigation, police learned that the Kemerovskie gang members did not leave Russia, unlike Belok’s ones. Moreover, they settled in the Tver Region and lived there using fake passports. Belok continued financing them; his fighters continued executing his orders.

The majority of the Kemerovskie gang members were arrested in 2015. However, Mr Makarov managed to escape. He has been hiding from prosecution for 17 years. Police is actively searching him. Unfortunately, all their efforts have been in vain so far.

Police suspects Belok personally chose who to kill. He would inform Makar about his decision through trusted people while in prison. Makar would then plot ordered murders. The investigators believe that they will be able to unveil all the people involved in the criminal activity – from killers to orchestrators - once Makar is finally caught.



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