One of Sovetskie OCG leaders sent to Georgia 

One of Sovetskie OCG leaders sent to Georgia
Vladimir Sichinava (Lado)

He has been on the international wanted list on murder charges for 16 years.

One of the leaders of the local OCG Sovetskie, Vladimir Sichinava known in the criminal world as Lado, has been transferred from Ulyanovsk to Georgia.

A year ago, he was detained by officers of the Federal Security Service Directorate and Ministry of Internal Affairs Directorate in the Ulyanovsk region. The fact is that since 2002, Sichinava has been on the international wanted list for committing a murder in Tbilisi.

According to the investigation, he arrived at the house of Aleksandr Imerlishvili along with his accomplice, a certain Kakhabar Khundadze. They brought the house owner out to talk by the garages right under the windows of his house, where they killed him right before the eyes of his wife and son. According to preliminary data, Khundadze shot Imerlishvili in the leg, and Lado finished the victim off with a shot in the stomach.

After that, Sichinava gone into hiding and entered the territory of Russia under the guise of a refugee from Abkhazia, whose documents had burned down, in 2003. Changing names, he often moved around the country and even managed to lead the criminal group Sovetskie. 

According to Pervy Ulyanovsky Portal’s source, the gang was formed of immigrants from the CIS on the ethnic principle. Although Lado was not a thief in law, yet he was an ‘aspiree,’ i.e. someone aspiring to become one. He had connections with the criminal underworld of Greece, Abkhazia, and Moscow, replenishing the common fund. 

The most recent known crimes of Sovetskie was the extortion of money from the cadet pilots of the Ulyanovsk Higher Aviation School. In 2012, six people gave the criminals a total of more than 300 thousand rubles ($4,581) under the threat of physical violence. In 2015, four OCG members received from 3 to 8 years 10 months’ rigorous imprisonment.

Even after his detention in February 2018, Sichinava continued to deny that he was on the wanted list. However, searches at his place of residence revealed a wedding certificate, which confirmed the identity of the wanted person.

The Zasviyazhsky District Court ruled to place him in custody. He spent more than a year in the Ulyanovsk pre-trial detention center, after which he was taken to Moscow and eventually transferred to the law enforcement authorities of the country that initiated the search.

Video: Ulyanovsk FSB. Detention of Georgian criminal Sichinava



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