One of Solntsevskie OCG leaders is hovis

One of Solntsevskie OCG leaders is hovis
Solntsevskie OCG and the business elite. In the upper row — Vladimir Gurchenkov (Shef), Arnold Tamm (Arnosha), Alexandr Averin (Avera-mladshy), Lev Kvetnoy; at the bottom (left to right) — Viktor Averin (Avera-starshy), Sergey Mikhaylov, Andrey Skoch

Alexandr Averin has died in the hospital. Specialists are clarifying the cause of death.

Alexandr Averin aka Avera-mladshy, one of the founders of the widely known Solntsevskie crime group, has died in Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Care. According to preliminary data, his liver had failed, but the exact cause of death remains to be determined. For example, the Telegram-channel Oper Slil (Russian for ‘Leaked by operative’) reports that Avera-mladshy has died of a heart attack.

Some sources say Alexandr Averin is to be buried on Friday at the cemetery in Peredelkino, not far from the grave of the leader of Orekhovskie OCG, Sergey Timofeev aka Silvestr.

It is known that the last time Averin Jr. was detained in 2007, during a fight in a Moscow region restaurant. The OCG leader had a conflict with a restaurant visitor, after which the brawl broke out. Following the incident, the crime lord was accused of beating a Federal Protective Service major. The court released Averin on his own recognizance.

Despite this, Averin left Russia and went to Turkey shortly thereafter. A year later, the criminal prosecution against Averin was terminated due to an appeal of the victim.

The Solntsevskie OCG became notorious in the 1980s. According to law enforcement bodies, the Solntsevskie-Orekhovskie used to control the Moscow South River Port and the Western District; the entire gambling business was in the sphere of the crime group’s influence. As they grew more powerful, they began to engage in smuggling, illicit trafficking of drugs and weapons, extortion, and many other particularly dangerous crimes. In the 90s, the Solntsevskie OCG were one of the first in Russia to take active steps towards the legalization of their business.

To recall, in late September, another alleged leader of the Solntsevskie OCG, Arnold Spivakovsky (Tamm), was detained in Spain. The detention took place on September 26 on suspicion of money laundering and ties to criminal groups.

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