One city – one 'authority'. General Muzraev 'covered-up' 'criminal king' Kadin 

One city – one 'authority'. General Muzraev 'covered-up' 'criminal king' Kadin
General Muzraev could 'patronize' the 'criminal king' of Volgograd Photo: The CrimeRussia

The CrimeRussia obtained new information about the high-profile case against Mikhail Muzraev, ex-Head of the Investigations Directorate in the Volgograd Region of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (ICR). The general was considered the 'shadow governor' of the region; people had compared him with Vladimir Kadin, 'Grey Eminence' of Volgograd, assassinated in 2011. According to our source in law enforcement structures, being a high-ranked ICR functionary, Muzraev could 'patronize' the 'criminal king' of the city.

A secret service officer agreed, on condition of anonymity, to talk with us about the relationship between Mikhail Muzraev and Vladimir Kadin and intersections of their interests. The very beginning of their partnership is unknown; however, our source believes that the Head of the Investigations Directorate in the Volgograd Region of the ICR was interested in Kadin up until his murder. Furthermore, all other contenders for the leadership in the criminal world of the Volgograd region were killed, while investigations into their deaths had been stalled for years.


Mikhail Muzraev is a friend of and advisor to ICR Chairman Alexander Bastyrkin

Our source started with a conflict between a group of Chechen natives and Kadin that had occurred in 2010:

— In April 2010, a group of Chechens arrived at Mojo Club in Volgograd to relax there; some Rustam El’murzaev was among them. The Chechens have parked their Porsche Cayenne near the entrance, had a quarrel with the security, entered the club, and started drinking alcohol and energizers there. Vladimir Kadin also was in this club alongside two-time Olympic champion Yelena Isinbaeva. One of the Chechen natives recognized the athlete and waived his hand to her. In response, Vladimir Kadin made an obscene gesture. A conflict has escalated; the Chechens and Kadin, accompanied by his numerous bodyguards, moved outside the club, and a brawl occurred. At some point, Rustam El’murzaev rushed to the Porsche Cayenne parked near the entrance, took a traumatic pistol from it, and opened fire on Kadin. One of the bodyguards, Vladislav Treshchev, has shielded Kadin with his body and was severely wounded.

The Chechens also sustained severe injuries; one of them – Rustam El’murzaev – was shot dead with a combat weapon.



The conflict occurred in this club

According to the source, general Muzraev has personally arrived at the crime scene secured by the police. Based on the anatomic pathology report, El’murzaev died of a heart failure. 

His body was delivered to Chechnya, and the incident sparked a public outcry there. A blog on has published a high-profile article about 'Russian mafia', and a commission, accompanied by special force troopers, was dispatched from the Chechen Republic to Volgograd to investigate the murder of El’murzaev. But Muzraev managed to settle this conflict.



As far as we know, since the 1990s, Muzraev has been building a 'banditry–investigative' vertical of power in the region; the entire regional criminal world had to be under the control of a single criminal 'authority' – Vladimir Kadin, a prominent and notorious figure. 


Vladimir Kadin was killed on August 18, at some 22:00. He was dining in the patio of FaSol Restaurant located in Tsentralny District of Volgograd. Kadin was sitting with his back to the street. The assassin was in the restaurant, too – but not for long. He paid the bill, went to the street, and sat on a bench not far from the establishment. At the opportune moment, the assassin ran to the Kadin’s table and shot him in the head – the bullet killed the businessman and tangentially hit his female companion. Kadin’s bodyguards were sitting at the next table; they could not save their boss and rushed after the killer. During the pursuit, the assassin sustained two gunshot wounds, realized the impossibility to escape, and put a bullet through his head.


Murder scene


The assassin committed suicide

Muzraev and Kadin had much in common.

— Powerful, strong-willed, and unprecedentedly cruel in their decisions; notable and outstanding persons, – this is how our source describes them.


Lieutenant general Mikhail Muzraev was in charge of the Investigations Directorate in the Volgograd Region of the ICR since 2011. On June 10, he was arrested and charged with complicity in an assassination attempt committed against Andrei Bocharov, Governor of the Volgograd Region. On June 11, general Muzraev was remanded in custody for two months. According to the investigation, in November 2016, five unidentified persons have entered the home of Bocharov in the Traktorozavodsky district of Volgograd. One them attempted to set the wall on fire using a flammable liquid. The main evidence incriminating general Muzraev is the testimony of Evgeny Remezov, a former leaseholder of Volgograd Central Market, arrested in May 2019. According to Remezov, the ex-Head of the Investigations Directorate in the Volgograd Region of the ICR had 'patronized' the criminal group in exchange for bribes. In total, lieutenant general Mikhail Muzraev was in charge of the Investigations Directorate in the Volgograd Region (initially, under the jurisdiction of the Prosecutor’s Office and then under the ICR) since 2007 and until 2018. In January 2019, he was appointed an Advisor to ICR Chairman Alexander Bastyrkin.

Unlike other Russian regions, the main reason why Vladimir Kadin became the leader of the sole organized criminal group remaining in Volgograd is because the leaders of other gangs were either killed or locked up. Kadin was never prosecuted or criminally charged; however, after his murder, Mikhail Muzraev resumed all inquests pertaining to contract killings committed in the region and solved 38 cold cases within six months – all these crimes involved Kadin's bros.


— In the mid-1990s, the First Chechen War was nearly finished. In 1996–1997, many young Chechen guys had semi-openly born weapons, never hesitated to use those, and, should anything happen, instantly fled to their native republic. There were three main youth movements in Volgograd: boxing, drugs, and underdogs. Those using drugs (poppy, marijuana, and opium) were collecting money from underdogs. In that situation, many young people were attending boxing schools. I do not know about other regions, but in Volgograd, the number of people supporting semi-criminal movements was truly enormous. 

— I remember that the Krasnoarmeiisky and Kirovsky districts of Volgograd were tough. The Traktorny district – birthplace of 'authoritative' businessmen, brothers Brudny, – was even more tough. Spartanovka, the small motherland of another 'authority' who has survived by miracle – Zhenya Molodets – was ferocious. Kadinskie organized criminal group was created in the city center. The Krasny Oktyabr’ district had its leaders in each yard of the city. The number of bandits in Volgograd had exceeded that in St. Petersburg – even though its population was lower. I would like to remind the role played by Mikhail Muzraev, then-Deputy Prosecutor of the Volgograd Region and later – Head of the Investigations Directorate in the Volgograd Region of the ICR, in the creation of the “one city – one 'authority'" system. 

— Nobody knows how Kadin and Muzraev have met each other and why had Muzraev assisted Kadin – especially taking his 'profession'. But the fact is that Kadin became the only criminal leader in the region thanks to Muzraev. Other criminal functionaries of Volgograd were either killed or locked-up. 

Kadin had never tolerated the existence of other criminal leaders – regardless of their cooperation or 'dues' offered to him. His principle was as follows: "who is not with us is under us". 

Normally, the rival leaders were gunned down. But there were some exceptions as well. 


Tolik Rogov (Tolyasik) was a strong-willed, smart, and well-organized young man; he managed to quickly unite single-minded people around him and create a strong and independent group. Rumors about the collaboration between Tolyasik and Kadin are false – although their interests had intersected sometimes. 

Kadin lost to him in an open conflict. Nobody knows the beginning of their meeting – but everybody knows its finale: a submachine gun burst at the intersection of Khol'zunova and Tarashchantsev streets. Young men were later coming and watching the tree damaged by AK bullets. 



In March 2004, the armored car of Anatoly Rogov was blasted on the parking lot of Tsaritsynsky Passazh Trade Center on Kommunisticheskaya street. Some V.V. Trunov was killed during the planting of the explosive device; he was an associate of another local 'mafioso' – Stanislav Galkin (we will talk about him later). 

The situation was spiraling out of control: Tolyasik was gaining power; negotiations with him were dangerous for life; and it was impossible to neutralize him. 

Then, by some coincidence, a bucket full of weapons and drugs was found in the home of Rogov in 2004. He was sentenced to 9 years behind bars – i.e. neutralized for some time. But, in fact, this was a fatal mistake of Muzraev and Kadin. Sources believe that, after being released on parole, Rogov has prepared and trained the killer of Vladimir Kadin. 

But at that time, the way was cleared. 


Igor Tsygankov (Tsyganenok (Gipsy child)) had lived at 36/5 Khol’zunova street, controlled parking lots, and run other shady operations typical for the 'turbulent 1990s'. 

Operatives considered Tsygankov’s brother Oleg Lazarev the leader of Tatary (Tartars) organized criminal group based in Nizhnekamsk. 

Tsygankov worked with his own group and had never offended Kadin. He has even donated a cottage to Kadin and made other 'gifts' – but always kept a distance. But Kadin had never tolerated other leaders and relations other than “who is not with us is under us”. 

The algorithm was simple: a visit and proposal to deliver the proceeds to the residence of Kadin at 37 Chuikova street. A polite refusal – and two bullets in the head. 

The investigation into the murder of Tsygankov was fruitless: the motive is unknown, the assassin’s paymaster is not identified. Although the situation was crystal-clear for everybody. But again, for some reason, neither the police nor our structure had any classified materials making it possible to prosecute the killers. 

Kurgan and Tokar’ 

Vladimir, nicknamed Kurgan (Barrow), had ties with Tsygankov. Similarly with Kadin, he was a powerful, strong-willed, and cautious man. An excellent martial artist. He always had 'talismans from the 1990s' in his pockets – a handgun and a grenade. Tokar’ (Turner) was like him. Accordingly, there were Tokarevskie bros and Kurganskie bros. After the murder of Igor Tsygankov, they had tried to investigate this crime jointly with his brother – Vlad – and find those responsible for it. 

Then, a white Lada car with loudly playing music has attracted the attention of bystanders at 4 a.m. in the Krasny Oktyabr’ district near Lyuks store. Its doors were open; no passengers. The car belonged to Kurgan. People thought that he was in hiding until the things calm down. But later, his body was found in the Volga River with a blunt trauma of the head – supposedly, inflicted by a crowbar. 

As a result, Vlad Tsygankov started delivering revenues generated by parking lots and businesses of Kurgan, Tokar’, and Tsygankov to 37 Chuikova street.    

The supposed 'office' of Vladimir Kadin. The 'dues' were delivered there

But what about the investigative authorities? 

— They had kept silence – both the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) and us. Muzraev had strictly controlled police and state security generals. As a result, the motives are unknown; the assassin’s paymaster is not identified. 

The 'single leader' path continued. 


Despite his young age, Vyacheslav Burkhanov has quickly ascended to power. He started from metal and made a good fortune. But, at his peril, he decided a launch a new boxing federation. To remind: Kadin and Galkin were vice presidents of the regional boxing federation. 

As a result, two masked persons have gunned down Burkhanov in front of his spouse. He died at the age of 24 en route to the hospital.


The motives are unknown; the assassins’ paymaster is not identified. 


This is a separate case. Stanislav Galkin was a big, powerful, and strong-willed person – the 'right hand' of Kadin, his loyal companion in numerous skirmishes, and a Vice President of the Boxing Federation of the Volgograd Region. But, for some reason, he decided to enter the shady economy of the city – which was prohibited.


A conflict has escalated between Galkin and Kadin. 

Galkinskie bros have split from Kadinskie gang; then their first meeting occurred – its participants wore bulletproof vests and were armed with submachine guns. Interestingly, both our agency and the police were aware of that meeting – but the supreme command refused to issue an alert and dispatch special forces. The bandits have divided the city economy: some structures paid 'dues' to Kadin, some – to Galkin. Then the treasurer – or 'tax collector' – working for Galkin has disappeared. Rumors started circulating that he had pocketed the collected money. Henchmen of Kadin gradually started collecting the 'dues'. Then Galkin and Kadin have been invited to the ICR where Muzraev (I know this for sure) offered them to make peace. 

Over time, the gang leg by Galkin became deprived of financial flows and was driven out of the city. 

New negotiations were held in Sosnovy Bor (Pine Forest) – and nearly resulted in a brawl. 

Galkin was spending most of the time in his cottage – he was unwilling to leave the city out of principle. 

Some person (the assassin's paymaster was not identified until the murder of Kadin) has established a stationery 'lookout point' in a high-rise building on Tulaka street – the cottage of Galkin can be seen from its roof. 

Once Galkin went outside to train with a punching bag – and a silver Mercedes entered the guarded cottage community. Its driver has shown a pass to the security guard – who was later “unable to remember it”. 

They have gunned down Galkin through a window, below the belt – the assassins thought that he was in an armored jacket.

He died like a true boxer – in gloves, standing firm on his principles. 

The mastermind behind this murder was not identified up until 2011. After the assassination of Kadin in FaSol Restaurant, Murzaev resumed the investigation. 


One of the killers of Galkin was sentenced to nine years behind bars. His paymaster was Vladimir Kadin. 

There are several dozens of such examples. The style is the same: if a leader appears, he must be immediately neutralized. 

It may seem ridiculous, but for many years, the entire city was aware of the mastermind behind all these high-profile crimes. You could come to a car wash, or a pizza parlor, or talk to a homeless man on the street – and get all the information. 

But for some reason, up until the murder of Kadin (whose mastermind also was not identified because the assassin committed suicide), these cases were not moving forward.



It is hard to understand the true motives of general Muzraev. No doubt, he had a passion for power and reasonably thought that one criminal 'authority' under his control was better than many of them. But how could the general keep a tight rein on Kadin? What plans had the high-ranked investigator in relation to the bandits? Was he going to use them as a tool to solve some problems? Or was this a game authorized at the highest level to cut the knot of contradictions? No answers yet.



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