Omsk: pulled cash fund holder in Zaza Sajaia’s gang convicted

Omsk: pulled cash fund holder in Zaza Sajaia’s gang convicted
Zaza Sajaia’s gang Members

The defendants got over 7 years each charged with extortion, robbery and illegal operations with drugs, weapons and ammunition belonging to an Organized Criminal Group.

The Sovietsky District Court in the city of Omsk has sentenced two members of Zaza Sajaia’s gang, who had previously been hiding from the investigation, said the press service with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Omsk region. Evgeny Zakomoldin got 7 years and 3 months in prison and Pavel Pashnin got 8 years. He was considered Sajaia’s right-hand man and served as the gang’s treasurer.

In the period from May to September 2013, the members of the gang of which there were 7, would track down young people in Omsk’s entertainment establishments and extort their money and property. 12 people became victims of the crimes with total catch of the criminals exceeding 2 million rubles. In February, the court sentenced Zaza Sajaia, 29, the gang leader with several previous convictions residing in Omsk to 10 years' imprisonment, his accomplices received 8 years each.

The case against 40-year-old Zakomoldin and 32-year-old Pashnin was made a separate proceeding. In May 2015 Zakomoldin was detained in an Omsk den. A month later, Pashnin’s whereabouts were established too, he was arrested in a northern district.



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