Omsk nationalists from MMA fighter Fedonenko’s gang receive sentences

Omsk nationalists from MMA fighter Fedonenko’s gang receive sentences
Nikita Fedonenko

The extremists attacked people of non-Slavic appearance; one victim died.

The Regional Court of Omsk sentenced members of the gang of the MMA fighter Nikita Fedonenko, 23, who beat people of non-Slavic appearance and demanded that they leave Russia. Six victims, one of whom had already died, are indicated in the case. The nationalists were found guilty of extremism, robbery, murder, and intentional infliction of minor bodily harm based on racial hatred, the ICR’s regional Directorate reports.

As the investigation established, since 2010, the MMA fighter Fedonenko has posted materials aimed at inciting hatred and hostility on racial basis on the Internet. After meeting Alexander Bezborodov and Alexander Lanbin he began organizing raids with them.

The young men were armed with knives, air rifles and pistols, canisters with tear gas, brass knuckles, with which in 2016 they conducted a number of attacks, choosing victims on racial grounds. Later, the gangsters involved Regina Mikulicheva, 17, in their gang. The latter would start texting with a potential victim, pretended to be a prostitute and made an appointment, but the “client” was met by the armed gang.

The court sentenced Fedonenko to 18 years in a strict regime penal colony, Bezborodov received 16 years, Mikulicheva was sentenced to six years in a general regime penal colony, whereas Lanbin avoided punishment due to the expiration of the statute of limitations.



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