Oleg Shamanin knows nothing about Shamaninskie OCG: gang leader makes court statement 

Oleg Shamanin knows nothing about Shamaninskie OCG: gang leader makes court statement
Oleg Shamanin

“I have nothing to do with either crime lords or the police; I am by myself.” Oleg Shamanin said. He is suspected of creating a gang. Shamanin testified in the Severodvinsk City Court on June 1. The testimony was a part of the investigation against former Gang Crime Department employee Andrey Yakovlev.

The Severodvinsk City Court continues hearing Yakovlev’s case that is now being investigated separately.

Yakovlev is a former Gang Crime Department employee and a former OAO SPATP Private Security Company CEO. The police arrested him in December 2014. Investigators suspect he was involved in several crimes of the Shamaninskie gang, including extortion, arson, and carjacking. He was a member of one of the five Shamaninskie units and was responsible for coordination of activities of other units, supervision, intelligence gathering, and counterintelligence activities, according to investigators.

Shamanin made a court statement yesterday after having been extradited from the UAE. He is suspected of creating and running a gang, extortion, willful destruction of other people’s property, and robbery. Shamanin who had pleaded not guilty refused to testify.

Oleg Shamanin in the UAE

Oleg Shamanin in the UAE

Shamanin said he did not create any gang and had severed ties with the criminal community after getting out of prison in 2010. He said he worked in Moscow. Shamanin said he does not know anything about Shamaninskie OCG; that there is no such gang nor there ever was; and that the investigation is ridiculous.

“I had a regular job in Moscow. I have no idea who’s setting fire to what or who’s fighting whom in Vasabi – I don’t care. I didn't do anything illegal. What powerful gang are you talking about?! [Someone] did not pay for salads, for sausages, that it is,” Shamanin said.

Let us remind you that the Arkhangelsk Region Court launched the investigation against the gang led by Shamanin in October 2017.

The case file is 329 volumes thick. There are 23 defendants – they all are the gang members. The police interviewed about 600 witnesses over the course of the investigation. There are more than 80 victims. Each defendant was charged with violation of some of the following articles of the Criminal Code: 210, part 2 (Creation of a Criminal Community (Criminal Organisation) and Participation Therein); 209, part 2 (Banditry); 167, part 2 (Wilful Destruction or Damage of Property); 163, part 3, items ‘a’ and ‘b’ (Extortion); 162, part 4, item ‘a’ (Robbery).

Shamanin created the gang in 2012, according to investigators. The gang would racket Archangels and Severodvinsk businesspeople. They acted like gangsters from the 1990s, threatening businesspeople and taking away businesses from stubborn ones. The local police helped the gang; they would ignore the gang’s crimes and refuse to prosecute its members. However, law enforcements agencies managed to first split, then eliminate the gang in 2014.

The gang leader fled abroad. The MIA Directorate in the Arkhangelsk region put Shamanin on the INTERPOL wanted list. He was arrested a year later in the UAE and then extradited to Russia in November 2016.

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