Odintsovo businessman arrested on a tip of mobster from Orekhovskaya gang

Odintsovo businessman arrested on a tip of mobster from Orekhovskaya gang
Sergei Vyalkov

The businessman is accused of attempt on a high-ranking policeman that took place 20 years ago.

A famous Moscow businessman has been arrested on suspicion of an attempt on deputy chief of a department on the fight against organized crime of Internal Affairs, Nikolay Petrov, that took place on December 3, 1998. He was arrested till March 9 under the article 317 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, Infringement on life of an employee of law enforcement agency, MK reports.

To recall, two killers tried to shoot the law enforcement authority at the Sviblovo metro station. However, the bullet did not reach the head and passed on a tangent. The 40-year-old captain survived.

After the attempt, large-scale round-ups were carried out, during which brothers Grigoryans were detained.

19 years later, the investigation obtained another version. Investigators found out that members of the well-known Orekhovskaya criminal group, which the captain actively developed, were involved in the attempt, as well as  the businessman - Sergei Vyalkov, 53. He used to work with Petrov in the police. According to MK, the businessman was handed over by one of leaders of the Orekhovskaya organized criminal group Sergei Butorin known as Osya who serves a life sentence for contract murders.

Name of Vyalkov was mentioned more than once in connection with the member of the group, he was even called 'the treasurer' of the gang. Besides, the media reported that the businessman sponsored the head of the Odintsovo district, Alexander Gladyshev. Now, Vyalkov is on pension. He also owns several firms in the Odintsovo district, and heads local public fund in support of the United Russia party.



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