Odessa colony riot breaks out of mobs' conflict 

Odessa colony riot breaks out of mobs' conflict

A criminal case is initiated. The instigators are detained.

The rebellion of prisoners in the Odessa colony was the result of a conflict between well-known thieves in law - Omar Bekaev (Omar Ufimsky) and Mindia Goradze (Lavasoglu Batumsky).

Recall that riots broke out on May 27 in the Southern penal colony number 51 in Odessa. The rioters no longer obey the demands of the overseers, staged a fire in the courtyard and barricaded themselves, taking three health workers and three guards hostage.

As the Ukrainian publication Timer reports citing its sources, the mobs tried to take control of the drug supply to the colony.

In particular, Lavasoglu Batumsky was going to organize the delivery of methadone to the penitentiary institution, and the most authoritative prisoners associated with Omar Ufimsky opposed that.

Now it is expected that the representatives of Bekaev face repressions that follow the riots.

Vyacheslav Abroskin, the deputy head of the National Police, earlier blamed thieves in law in a riot.

Among the reasons for the unrest were searches carried out and the unsatisfactory quality of food in the correctional institution. The Timer indicated that everything started after a group of prisoners were forced to wash the floor in the premises of the administration.



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