OCG member Alpa and crime lords from 90s died saving children in Yakutia 

OCG member Alpa and crime lords from 90s died saving children in Yakutia
Albert Ivanov (Alpa)

Albert Ivanov was the brother of first USSR world champion Aleksandr Ivanov and vice president of the Yakutia Kickboxing Federation.

Among the four man, who died trying to save children drowning near the Ponomar Island near Yakutsk, there was 46-year-old crime lord Albert Ivanov (Alpa) from the Nyurba crime group. He is the brother of the famous kickboxer and first USSR world champion Aleksandr Ivanov (Pepsa), who was killed in May 1995.

Alpa was considered to be the right-hand man of the Nyurba OCG leader nicknamed Miron. He was sentenced to four years under Attempt at Murder committed as part of a group. In 2010, Alpa was detained for extortion and sentenced to 6 years’ probation. According to the sentence, he had not previous convictions. In 2012, the sentence was appealed. Member of the Presidium of the Russian Kickboxing Federation, Vice-President of the Yakutia Kickboxing Federation. Some sources say he was running business in Moscow.

The rest of the victims include A.A. Ivanov, 1972, A.E. Taran, 1971, V.D. Egorov, 1973. According to Yakutia.Info, they are also related to the criminal underworld of the 90s.


To recall, seven people drowned in the Lena River in the suburbs of Yakutsk, including three children. According to the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations, 11 people were resting on an unauthorized beach. While swimming, three children called for help, and four adults came running to help them. After that, the men disappeared. Two children were taken out of the water, but the medics could not help them, as they had already died. The body of the third child was found later. Then divers discovered the bodies of all four men.

Due to the large number of victims, the Investigative Committee has initiated a criminal case under part 3 of Art. 109 (Infliction of Death by Negligence to Two and More Persons).



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