Novo-Tukaevskie crackdown: 17 mobsters and consulting businessman detained  

Novo-Tukaevskie crackdown: 17 mobsters and consulting businessman detained
Gitler Mladshy (the Russian for “Hitler Jr.”)

18 people have been detained.

Three extortionists threatening the owner of a network of bookmaker’s offices were detained yesterday in the center of Kazan. The detention turned out to be only part of a massive special operation with a total of 17 detainees including Novo-Tukaevskie gangsters and their so-called consultant, a businessman named Alfred Gilmutdinov.

Alfred Gilmutdinov is a Kazan businessman with ties in the criminal community. Gilmutdinov was captured on October 31 at an airport. Sources close to law enforcement agencies say he was a key figure in crimes committed by the Tukaevskie successors. He was charged with swindling on an especially large scale. Gilmutdinov’s role in the trial of Novo-Tukaevskie has not yet been specified, but, according to the source, the businessman was a sort of a consultant for the perpetrators.

No details concerning the rest of the detainees in the case against Novo-Tukaevskie have been disclosed, except that there are five counts including such crimes as fake accidents and fake theft of expensive cars in order to obtain insurance payments.

The criminal group became a subject of the serious investigation at the end of 2016, after a man had turned to the police saying that unknown people had abducted him, beaten and tortured in many ways in 2013. The criminals introduced themselves as Tukaevskie mobsters and demanded that the victim pay them 30 thousand rubles monthly.

A criminal case was initiated after the statement, and in early 2017 the first arrests were carried out. Among the defendants were Alexander Maksimov (aka Medved, the Russian for "Bear") and Sergei Grigoriev, (aka Ryzhy, the Russian for "Redhead"). Sources say that it was these two who led the police to the other members of the criminal group.

The same criminal faction is associated with the recent detention of another organized criminal group, Tsumovskie that had terrorized traffickers and taxi drivers in Kazan. For refusing to pay tribute, the bandits would set fire to their pavilions. Gitler Mladshy, who was detained yesterday for extorting money from a bookmaker, is believed to have been an active member of the group.

Another offence Novo-Tukaevskie gangsters are charged with is fake firms they established to register labor migrants there. At least a thousand people registered in this way have been found so far.

At present, 17 people are on trial for committing crimes as part of the Novo-Tukaevskie gang.

As a reminder, three Novo-Tukaevskie members nicknamed Gitler Mladshy, Safa and Orhan were detained on November 16 in the center of Kazan. The investigators suspect them of extorting money from a bookmaker, hooliganism and property damage.

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