North Ossetia: policeman, who trades in arms, detained

North Ossetia: policeman, who trades in arms, detained

It is expected that the law enforcement officer has worked for several months with a local organized crime group, members of which were also detained.

Employees of the FSB of Russia together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained the officer of the Mozdok district's Road Patrol Service, North Ossetia, who, according to preliminary data, had related to the arms trade.

"In respect of the policeman a service check is carried out. If the suspect is found guilty, he will be fired from the internal affairs bodies on negative motives, and his supervisors will be brought to severe disciplinary responsibility," said official representative of the Interior Ministry Irina Volk.

She said that during the raid to detain suspected of arms trafficking there were seized six Kalashnikovs, seven grenades, four fuseы, about 2000 cartridges of various calibers, Makarov pistol, rifle, shotgun. All the weapons were ready to use.

In addition to the policeman, several members of organized crime group, who were involved in the immediate implementation of the arms and ammunition, have been detained. The court placed all of them into custody. In the fact of he incident a criminal case was initiated under article Illegal Trafficking in Arms and Ammunition.



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