New video showing Tsepovyaz’s relaxed pastime in colony 

New video showing Tsepovyaz’s relaxed pastime in colony
Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz frying kebabs in the colony

In the video, a man is giving a tour to prisoners around the apiary.

Sergey Perin, who had previously posted pictures and videos about Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz, a member of the Tsapok gang, has published a new video about his life in the correctional camp No. 3 (IK-3) of the Amur region. In the video, some man is giving a tour to prisoners around the apiary. According to Perin, it is Tsepovyaz himself.

“This is where the hives are stored, please come in. And this is where we keep honey; and this is where I sleep. Now I will turn on the light and you will see the trailer where the chief of the apiary sleeps. Here we have dinner, play backgammon and so on. I sit here in the evenings, have drink, play backgammon with Ivan; here we have a pullup bar,” a voice over comments.

Video: ‘Inhuman’ conditions of Tsepovyaz's detention Crime and punishment

Previously, Tsepovyaz's lawyers Roman Bokov and Elbrus Murtazov said that their client used to work in the colony’s apiary.

In November 2018, pictures showing Tsepovyaz frying barbecue and eating crabs and caviar in the colony, talking on a personal mobile phone, and chilling in the company of friends in the freshly-repaired room for psychological relief appeared online. After that, the colony management was brought to justice; a number of employees were fired.

In 2013, Tsepovyaz was sentenced to 19 years and 10 months in a colony as part of the case of the Tsapok gang, which used to keep Kushchevskaya village at bay.



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