New victims in case against GTA gang

New victims in case against GTA gang

Police believe GTA gang is responsible for the shooting of two people near Mendeleevo village.

38-year-old Yulia Baranova living in the village of Mendeleevo testified in the case against the so-called GTA gang known for a number of murders on highways,  Moskovsky Komsomolets wrote. She and her 29-year-old friend fell victim to the shootings coming from an unknown person allegedly belonging to the gang.

According to the witness, late on June 11 she got a call from a friend of hers Andrey Zorin. He had had a fight with his girlfriend and wanted to meet. The woman got into Zorin’s car. They were driving down the road for some time before pulling over. Less than half an hour later, Baranova heard a bang and felt pain in her back. She turned back and saw a dark hooded figure wearing a scarf, and then fainted.

The witness revived to find her friend lying there with no vital signs and a few bullets. The woman called some of her friends who turned to the police and ambulance. Doctors arrived and took her to hospital where they found a bullet in her chest. Baranova spent a month in intensive care.

The dead man's father Yuri Zorin also gave a testimony. His daughter had told him his son was dead. When Mr. Zorin arrived at the scene, he only saw a bullet-riddled car.

According to investigators, the crime was committed by so-called GTA gang that had been dismantled in 2014. The gang consisted of Asian immigrants and would kill car drivers to steal their money and valuables. Over 2.5 years 17 people have been killed and 2 wounded by the gangsters.

Ibaidullo Subhanov is believed to have been the mastermind and leader of the gang and also possessed a fake passport under the name Usmanov. He was killed during detention by security forces. Two other gang members had fled to Tajikistan, where the local police detained them; one of them is now on the international wanted list. At present, the case is being considered in the Moscow Regional Court. Nine gang members are on trial: Anvar Ulugmuradov, Khazrathon Dodokhonov, Fazlitdin Khasanov, Kholik Subkhanov, Abdumukim Mamadchonov, Sherozdzhon Kodirov, Mirzomavlon Mirzosharipov, Zafardzhon Guliamov and Umar Khasanov. All the defendants are natives of Tajikistan.

Earlier, the GTA gangsters had been arrested during a special operation in the house of Aleksey Staroverov, the Head of the Prosecutor General’s Office Administration.



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