New testimony against Telman Ismailov provided by ex-assistant of his brother 

New testimony against Telman Ismailov provided by ex-assistant of his brother
Telman Ismailov

The name of the new witness in the criminal case over a series of murders of Koptevskie OCG’s members, organized by representatives of the family clan – the former owner of the Cherkizovsky market, has begun to circulate. On their basis, the Investigative Committee may file accusations against Telman Ismailov and declare him wanted.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, a new valuable witness has appeared in the case of murder of several people in the period from the late 90s to 2016, the defendants of which are the brothers of Telman Ismailov, Rafik and Vagif (former is arrested, latter is wanted). Rosbalt citing a source in the law enforcement bodies reported today that businessman Sergey Gavryushin – who had been Rafik Ismailov’s right-hand man in the recent past – has testified against the Ismailov family.


Rafik Ismailov

For 15 years, Gavryushin was a member of the Ismailov family's inner circle, in particular, he was Director General of Mercury-R LLC, the only founder of which, according to the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities, was Rafik Ismailov.

According to the publication, up to the dissolution of the LLC in late 2016, the company owned Abramtsevo consumer goods marketplace and a number of retail facilities, where traders from the Cherkizovsky market moved after its closure.


It is known that Sergey Gavryushin was responsible for all business issues arising in Rafik Ismailov’s business, and often run errands for Telman Ismailov. According to Rosbalt, the brothers often spoke frankly in front оf Gavryushin, as he was Rafik Ismailov’s shadow.

Information provided by the entrepreneur has helped the investigation to establish the involvement of Ismailovs in the murder of businessman Andrey Lobanov in 2000 and a number of other crimes. It was his testimony that gave rise to the recent searches conducted in 12 venues related to Telman Ismailov’s family. The Investigative Committee is currently deciding on lodging of charges in absentia against the entrepreneur for several murders and arson of the Lianozovsky market (controlled by the family’s competitors – Koptevskie – until 2005). On their basis, the businessman, who is currently abroad, can be put on the wanted list.

In addition, according to the CrimeRussia’s source, new high-ranking law enforcers – who used to protect the Ismailov family – may soon appear in the case due to the testimony of the new witness.

Gavryushin is currently on the witness protection programme, the agency’s source reported.

To recall, the criminal case against the Ismailovs had been initiated under as much as five articles of the Russian Criminal Code, including 210 (Creation of a Criminal Community), 105 (Murder), 167 (Arson), 222 (Illegal Storage of Firearms), and 172 (Illegal Banking Activity). Previously, another henchman of Rafik Ismailov – Garri Belotserkovsky – has testified against his bosses; after Belotserkovsky copped a plea, his preventive measure was changed to one not related to deprivation of liberty. In particular, it was him who told about the Ismailov brothers’ preparation for murder of a Koptevskie OCG’s leader, Andrey Lobanov (aka Loban, officially known as Vice-President of Alkor CJSC), in 2000. The investigation is also aware of the family clan’s involvement in the murder of Stroy-Market Mall owner Vladimir Savkin and Lyublino-Motors incorporator Yury Brilev in May 2016.



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