New details of crimes committed by Kostya Bolshoy’s gang  

New details of crimes committed by Kostya Bolshoy’s gang 
Konstantin Piskarev aka Kostya Bolshoy

At the hearings in the Moscow Regional Court, Konstantin Piskarev filed a petition for the jury to consider his case.

At the hearings in the Moscow Regional Court, Konstantin Piskarev aka Kostya Bolshoy filed a petition to attract jurors to the case against his group, which killed officials, law enforcement officers, and businessmen for 20 years. This is reported by Rosbalt. Most of the other participants in the organized criminal group agreed to cooperate with the investigation. There are about 20 murders in the case. 

Rosbalt notes that Piskarev committed many of those himself, even after he became one of the richest people in the Moscow region. According to the testimony of one of the OCG members, Dmitry Mishin, before eliminating the victims, Piskarev dressed “in plain dark clothes and put on gloves.” He preferred outerwear with a hood, which, when committing murders, he pulled tightly, “so that only the eyes were seen.” To disguise, Piskarev used make-up, artificial beard, mustache, and other items. He had a suitcase with make-up accessories. In addition, Piskarev carried a bag with tools for torture. 

Previously, Rosbalt reported on the murder of Piskarev’s business partner, Yan Shepelenko, who wanted to withdraw from their joint venture, Skyfood, and asked him to return his investment. Piskarev killed Shepelenko in the Mytishchi district, Moscow region, and buried his body in the forest. The car used for transporting the body to the forest, was taken apart and scattered throughout the Moscow region. 

The co-owners of Skyfood also included Vladimir Tkachev, Aleksandr Tomilin, and Georgy Pirtskhalava. Piskarev was in good terms only with Pirtskhalava. He wanted to take over the shares of the rest. In 1999, Piskarev decided to eliminate Tkachev. He ordered the hitmen Sergey Aleksandrov and Andrey Bezrukov to do it. On June 3, 1999, they ambushed the businessman on the landing near his apartment and shot him when he was leaving. Skyfood shares belonging to him were re-registerd in the name of Piskarev’s father. 


Piskarev resided in the territory of the Burevestnik yacht club on the Klyazma reservoir in the Moscow region. For housing, he adapted a railway carriage, which he converted into comfortable apartments. Other group members also resided on the territory of the club. Piskarev considered Burevestnik the safest place for himself. 

In 1998, an attempt was made on Piskarev: in Moscow, he was detained by several police officers, put in a car, and taken for interrogation. Already on the outskirts of the city, Kostya Bolshoy suspected something was wrong and tried to escape from the police. In response, they took out knives and began to beat him. Piskarev managed to escape from them. Despite serious injuries, he survived. 

Members of Piskarev's group said that the attackers were real police officers. At that time, he did business with one of the senior tax police officers. A partner of Piskarev organized checks in large firms, identifying violations of the law that could lead to hefty fines or criminal cases. Shortly after the inspections, Piskarev came to businesspeople and offered to 'resolve' problems for a certain amount. Shortly before the assassination on Piskarev, there was a conflict between him and the taxmen over money. Kostya Bolshoy was sure that it was his former partner that ordered him to the police. After that, he got out of the territory of Burevestnik only being accompanied by armed guards.

Piskarev tried not to attract bodyguards to killings. Among the guards of the crime boss, there was once Ivan Danilin, who had an equally impressive physique as Bolshoy himself. Piskarev had a liking for the guard, but the latter disappointed him, having appeared several times on the territory of Burevestnik under the influence of drugs. Bolshoy ordered him to undergo treatment and leave the Moscow region, but Danilin did not follow the order. Then Piskarev decided to eliminate him.

On the night of June 28, 2002, Danilin was called by a friend, Denis Zemtsov, who was also a member of the group. Zemtsov told the guard that they needed to urgently meet. When Danilin sat in the front seat of a tinted car, it turned out that Piskarev was in the back seat with pistols. The former bodyguard was taken to a forest near the village of Muranovo, Pushkinsky district of the Moscow region. There Bolshoy gunned Danilin down. The body was buried.

Piskarev was friends with the owner of sports club Egoriy and crime lord Yury Berezhnoy. They often met in Piskarev’s Schit i Mech (Shield and Sword) restaurant. There was often another man with them - crime boss Trifonov, who in 2002 was shot dead in Voskresensk together with a security guard.


The investigation links Berezhnov with at least three murders committed by Kostya Bolshoy's organized criminal group. Thus, Piskarev believed that Alexander Aleksyukhin, a former operative of the interior, was in debt to him. After threats, he did not return the money, so Piskarev decided to kill him. On the evening of September 30, 2002, Berezhnov and two of his accomplices waylaid Aleksyukhin near his home in Bryansk. The man was taken to the border with the Moscow region, where Piskarev and other members of the gang were waiting for him. The crime boss personally dragged the former policeman into the forest, after which he tortured him for several hours: he broke all his fingers, saying that debts should be repaid on time. After that, Bolshoy strangled Aleksyukhin with a hitch he made himself. The body was buried in the forest.

In 2003, Berezhnov complained to Piskarev about the conflict with freestyle wrestling coach Maxim Asin from Egoriy. On March 16, 2003, Piskarev and other members of the gang ambushed Asin near his house in Yegoryevsk. Late at night, a Mercedes drove up to the house, in which Asin and his friend Alexander Potekhin were. The killers approached the car from two sides and opened heavy fire on the men. After the massacre, the bandits fled.



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