New crimes under Telman Ismailov's belt

New crimes under Telman Ismailov's belt
Telman Ismailov

This time it became known about the bloody massacre with Lyuberetskaya gang in the Balashikha market Abramtsev.

In the criminal case of murders, involving members of the family of former owner of the Cherkizovsky market (Cherkizon) Telman Ismailov new possible victims appeared. This time, the investigators found out that in 2009, after the closure of Cherkizon, family members began to look to another area where a new trading platform could be opened. Among these was the market Abramtsevo, located in Balashikha district of Moscow region. But it was under the control of the Lyuberetskaya gang members and related businessmen. According to an informed source of Rosbalt, first the Ismailovs and gangsters agreed on joint business. But then conflicts began between them because of the sharing of profits. And they continued even after the market in Abramtsevo was closed in 2013.

It was then that the leaders of organized criminal group, many of who had already legalized and become businessmen or even deputies, began to perish from bullets. Investigators have already established that the Ismailov’s people came to one of the authorities in the village of Tomilino near Moscow, who fired at him, but he managed to survive.

The evidence of this is the testimony of businessman Sergey Gavryushin, who was the general director of Mercury-R LLC registered in Balashikha in 2013 to Rafik Ismailov (Telman's brother). The company of the same name was registered 2 years before, but at a different legal address and with another director. It was Mercury that owned the Abramtsevo market. Gavryushin is called the former assistant of Rafik Ismailov. He was in charge of all economic issues, often carried out assignments of Telman Ismailov. Now he is under the witness protection program.


"In reality, the number of murders committed by the Ismailovs is over a dozen," the Rosbalt’s source said. In particular, this is the shooting of the leaders of the Koptevskaya OCG, with whom the Ismailovs had a conflict over a number of markets. Among other things, the arson of the Lianozovo market, committed in 2005, appears in the case.

Previously, Harry Belotserkovsky, the right hand of Rafik Ismailov, actively testified to the investigation. After the conclusion of the pre-trial agreement, the measure of restraint to Belotserkovsky was changed on not connected with imprisonment. He was the first one who gave testimonies against Telman.

At the moment, the criminal case is being investigated by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation under five articles of the Criminal Code - 210 (Organization of the Criminal Community), 105 (Murder), 222 (Illegal Possession of Weapons), 172 (Illegal Banking Activity), 167 (Arson). Rafik Ismailov is in custody. His brother Vagif, a former senior Interior Ministry official, was put on the wanted list. There is information that Telman Ismailov can be put on the wanted list.



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