Neverovskie gang case: witness killed after refusal of his testimony

Neverovskie gang case: witness killed after refusal of his testimony
Sergey Neverov

It became known reason for the coach and entrepreneur Ilshat Bulatov’s murder, who was shot dead on October 17 in Togliatti.

The criminal case was initiated under Art. 105 of the Criminal Code on the fact of murder, operative-investigative activities are carried out.

The coach in the children's sport club Boevie Perchatki and co-founder of bankrupt in May 2016 agricultural firm Belozerka was shot dead with four shots at close while jogging in the yard of the school №74. According to witnesses, an unknown, who shot him, was garbed in mask, hood on his head and raincoat.

According to the newspaper TltGorod, shortly before the murder of children's sports club coach he appeared in court as a prosecution’s witness in the case of trade center Zarya’s property redistribution. Bulatov testified against the former director Mikhail Novikov, who is accused of swindling and having links with Neverovskie OCG and its leader Sergey Neverov.

In his testimony Bulatov admitted that he was a guard of Sergey Neverov and bullied Lyudmila Gapeeva, who was a Novikov’s rival in a bid to establish control over the trade center.

Bulatov also told that in 2005 he was present at the meeting in the trade center Zarya among about 30 people, who were invited by Neverov to support Novikov and provide moral pressure on his rival. According to Bulatov’s initial testimony, Novikov rudely talked to Gapeeva, letting her knew that the trade center would be his property in any way.

On Bulatov’s testimony the bulk of the charges against Novikov was built. However, on October 13 on the court hearing, he suddenly abandoned his words, saying that he slandered Novikov for certain reasons. But four days later he was shot near the school, where sports section is located.

Recall that the Neverovskie OCG split into two camps after the departure of its leader to Ukraine. Sergey Neverov and his former business associates Vitaly Portnov, Aleksandr Petrovsky and others started a redistribution of influence linger on decade. This repartition was followed by a string of Neverovskie high-profile murders and related to them businessmen.



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