Murderer of Mikhail Krug’s killer transferred from Urals’ colony

Murderer of Mikhail Krug’s killer transferred from Urals’ colony
Mikhail Krug

Aleksander Osipov has been convoyed to the Khabarovsk region-based colony Snezhinka.

Member of a gang Tverskiye volki (Tver wolves) Aleksander Osipov (aka Mladshy volk) will now be serving his life sentence in the Khabarovsk region-based colony Snezhinka (Snowflake).

He had earlier been serving his sentence in a correctional facility #56 Cherny berkut (Black eagle) located in the Sverdlovsk region. This has been told by a former director of the Sverdlovsk prison - Colonel Subkhan Dadashov.

“Osipov served his sentence here. He told me in details how he was killing Dmitry Veselov who had killed Mikhail Krug,” the former director of Cherny berkut said, having noted that Osipov had already been convoyed.

Osipov was convoyed to the Khabarovsk region due to the fact that his prison expenses in the correctional facility #56 had been found economically irrational. 72 inmates accounted for 150 staff and security members. 60 inmates with life sentences were convoyed to Snezhinka. 12 prisoners who had been the last ones sentenced to death and whose sentence had been changed to 25 years have been released.

It was earlier reported that an investigative experiment had been carried out in Mikhail Krug’s house. One of the members of Tverskiye volki gang Aleksander Ageev showed in details how he and Dmitry Veselov were killing the chansonnier. Soon after the crime, Veselov died in the course of the inner rumbles in the gang.



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