Murder at commemoration of Kuntsevskaya organized criminal group leader

Murder at commemoration of Kuntsevskaya organized criminal group leader
Thief in law Sergey Lipchansky, known as Sibiryak (Siberian)

Details of event happened the day before at the Kuntsevo cemetery became known.

The man whose corpse was found at the Kuntsevo cemetery of Moscow was a member of one of the criminal groups, REN-TV reports.

According to the portal, the murder happened during the commemoration of former leader of the Kuntsevskaya organized criminal group Aleksander Kaligin known in narrow circles as Alik. The criminal leader was shot in 1996 together with two bodyguards fighters of the Orekhovo organized criminal group according to instructions of their leader Dmitry Belkin known as Belok (Egg White). By the way, the Kuntsevo organized criminal group was under the protection of thief in law Sergey Lipchansky known as Sibiryak (Siberian).

As for the recent murder, according to the portal, it has happened after a conflict between the guests who came to the commemoration – in total about 20-30 people. Igor B. was shot from point-blank range, other details were not reported.

To recall, an accident also happened at Kaligin's funeral - on October 3, 1996, authorities of the underworld, fighters and active members of mafia crews and also famous athletes and trainers, who were patronized by the head of an organized criminal group gathered at the Kuntsevo cemetery.

Among thieves in law and authorities, there were Nikolay Botinkin (Boot), Andrey Isaev (Painting), Gennady Shapovalov (Shapoval), Viktor Avilov (Avil) and a great number of others. During the ceremony the staff of Special Police Force and State Road Traffic Inspectorate organized a round-up - most of the participants of the funeral were detained and brought to the police station. After all detainees were identified, they were released.



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