MP Maxim Shevchenko doubts FSB counter-terrorism reports

MP Maxim Shevchenko doubts FSB counter-terrorism reports
Maxim Shevchenko

Trials often take place behind closed doors, and the allegations are suspicious.

After the FSB reported on four terrorist attacks that were prevented in major cities of central Russia, the deputy of the legislative assembly of the Vladimir Region, Maxim Shevchenko, proposed to open the trials against terrorists to the public, so that everyone could be convinced of the brought charges. Shevchenko told about this.

“There is informational secrecy. They report using some short videos in the news programs and press releases. Some strange surnames would show up, two guys pass by, they rush at them and then show them already lying on the ground,” deputy Shevchenko explained his doubts to the journalist. 

The MP emphasizes that terrorism and terrorist attacks affect the whole of society and that the relevant trials should be open.

Often, “terrorists” are detained or wanted in Dagestan, accusing them of participating in hostilities in Syria on the side of ISIS (banned in the Russian Federation). Journalist Orkhan Kemal found some of them in Turkey, living peacefully and working with their families. 

In August 2018, the Russian Supreme Court sentenced Dagestani Abdul Omarov, 26, who allegedly fought in Syria for terrorists, to nine years in prison. The charge was based on the testimony of the only secret witness. For example, he told the court that he talked with Omarov while walking in jail. However, those arrested were taken separately to different backyards. At the same time, loud music was turned on to stop conversations through the walls.



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