Mother of Tsapok gang leader dissolves her business

Mother of Tsapok gang leader dissolves her business
Nadezhda Tsapok

Nadezhda Tsapok has informed tax authorities about the shutdown of her company.

Nadezhda Tsapok, a mother of a deceased Kushchevskaya gang leader Sergey Tsapok, has dissolved her entrepreneurship, reports Interfax.

On November 13, Tsapok made a notification to tax authorities informing about shutting down of her business. In a week, on November 20, the local Federal Tax Service ordered to comply with the notification. Among the establishment operations Nadezhda Tsapok’s company dealt with were grain and corn growing, pig breeding, meat processing and packing, corn, oil seed and sugar wholesale. Her company had been registered as an individual entrepreneurship since 2004.

In Septembr, 2018, Tsapok was early released on parole. In July, 2016, she was found guilty of swindling on an especially large scale (item 4 of article 159 of Russia’s Criminal Code) and sentenced to 7 and a half years behind bars. The prosecution theory is that from 2005 till 2010, Tsapok titled 187 hectares of state-owned land properties in her name. The budgetary losses amounted to more than 3.1 million rubles ($46 thousand).

In December, 2014, Tsapok sentenced to 6 and a half years in jail on charges of swindling on an especially large scale related to land properties, and in 2013 - to 3 years in the colony for swindling while receiving state subsidies.

Nadezhda Tsapok is a mother of Kushchevskaya gang leader Sergey Tsapok. The gang operated from 1998 to 2010. Its members murdered 19 persons. In November, 2013, Tsapok and other gang members were sentenced to terms ranging from 19 years to life in prison, as well as heavy financial fines by Krasnodar regional court. In July, 2014, Tsapok died in the remand prison №1 in Krasnodar. More than 119 million rubles ($1.7 million) were withdrawn from Nadezhda Tsapok’s Rosselkhozbank accounts in favour of the victims in the Kushchevskaya gang case.



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