Moscow is to be cleaned up from Chechen collectors? 

Moscow is to be cleaned up from Chechen collectors?
Active members of the Chechen regiment

According to the CrimeRussia source, a large-scale operation on detention of the active participants of the Chechen regiment is underway.

As the CrimeRussia found out, a large-scale operation by law inforcement agencies with participation of the Special Forces is underway. The security forces are searching for Chechen collectors, who have repeatedly become defendants in the criminal scandals in Moscow. The CrimeRussia source reported about possible detentions in the near future. At the moment, the security forces are carrying series of raids on dozens of different addresses.

The reason for the operation is unknown, but Moscow residents have been worrying about the look of these terrible bullies, hung with all kinds of weapons. According to the official version, the visitors are Chechen security forces officers, detached by the republic's leadership for service in Moscow to ensure protection of senior politicians and authoritative businessmen from Ramzan Kadyrov’s circle. There is no secret that the Chechen Republic is in a privileged position, as it is the only subject of the Russian Federation having such luxury.

Journalists called the detached Chechens the Chechen regiment and found out that some of them permanently live in the VIP President Hotel, located in front of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Together with security of people from Kadyrov’s circle, members of the Chechen regiment regularly become defendants in criminal blockbusters, but tend to get off scot-free. Bes, Murat Bolshoy, Plohish, Bandit were accused of kidnapping, extortion, fraud, raider attacks, killings, and collector activity, which methods were often beyond the law and looked as criminal activity. It was reported that, for example, a group controlled by Shamhan Shakhbiev (Bandit), who is known as the main Moscow collector, replaced Zelimkhan Israilov (Bes), arrested in 2012. At that time, Bes and his fighters were one of the main collectors group from the North Caucasus, using force methods. Despite the fact that Israilov was released on bail soon after his arrest, the collectors group  came apart. New group, headed by Shamhan Shakhbiev replaced the old one. His collector firm worked in Moscow under the guise of human rights organization Za Spravedlivost (For Justice). The collectors-defenders, according to the CrimeRussia source, were not only knocking out of debts in Moscow, but also covering businessmen, extorting money, as well as carrying organization of illegal gambling and drug trafficking.

Basing on type and methods of activities of the persons mentioned before, it is likely they could be the aim of law enforcement agencies. The CrimeRussia will stay tuned for development of the situation.



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