Moscow region detains racketeers 

Moscow region detains racketeers
Suspects Photo: Frame from the operative video

The operative footage records how one of the extortionists tries to justify why the taxi driver should pay him "three thousand rubles a month".

Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Moscow region together with colleagues from the Mytischinsky unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia detained racketeers, who tried to ‘tax' local taxi drivers. The press service of the Moscow region MIA reports that one of the detainees was previously convicted, he confirmed it on camera.

Previously, the law enforcement agencies have contacted Mytishchi businessman, engaged in private transportation. He said that a group of men were trying to patronize him for 3000 rubles ($53) a month. The number of affected taxi drivers could come to dozens.

The transfer of the required amount to the racketeers took place under the supervision of the operatives near one of the shopping centers on Ostashkovskoe Highway. After the transfer of money, three extortionists were detained.

The press service of the MIA in the Moscow region published a video of the operational shooting, which recorded how one of the racketeers is trying to justify why the taxi driver should pay him "three thousand rubles a month". There were such arguments as: "I do not climb into your pocket," or "I'll explain to you, how much does a bunch of radishes cost." In addition, the video captures a moment of direct detention of suspects, as well as their communication with the police officers.

Three detainees are charged under Art. 163 of the Criminal Code (Extortion), which provides for a maximum penalty of 7 years' imprisonment. They are currently in custody. The investigation of the case is ongoing.



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