Moscow police capture men who kidnapped woman to get ransom  

Moscow police capture men who kidnapped woman to get ransom
The abductors getting detained Photo: A still from the video

Four men demanded 500.000 rubles from the victim’s husband.

A group of men in Moscow’s Domodedovo abducted a woman in a courtyard of an apartment building and demanded a 500.000-ruble ransom ($7.600) from her husband. The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports the news.

The alarmed man hastened to go to the police and told them about the abduction. All further developments were unfolding under the law enforcers’ control.

The husband agreed on a meeting with the bandits in a Podolsk cafe. There, he gave part of the amount to one of the abductors, 420.000 rubles, after which the abductor was detained. It was a 23-year-old native of Central Asia.

He agreed to cooperate with the police and informed his accomplices that he had received the ransom, so the woman was released.

Then, the other perpetrators were detained at a shopping center located at 24 km of the Ring Road. They were three men aged 24 to 32. During a search, police seized a false state license plate they had used for conspiracy, mobile phones, SIM cards, and bank cards.

Video: Men nabbed for abduction of woman, Moscow 



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