Moscow notary crumbed criminal deal of extortionists' gang 

Moscow notary crumbed criminal deal of extortionists' gang
All four suspects are detained

The criminal group of racketeers, not receiving the money, turned their attention to the property of the victim.⁠

Moscow Criminal Investigation Department employees neutralized a gang of racketeers, whose members kidnapped 20-year-old Muscovite, and, not receiving the required amount of money from him, were trying to re-register the property belonging to him. The notary, who smelt a rat, crumbed the criminal ‘deal’.

According to the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department, the gang, consisting of four men aged from 20 to 26 years, began literally pestering a young resident of the capital, demanding 300 thousand rubles as the return of the debt. Later, the victim told the police that he had no debts and did not own such money. In his words, at the first meeting with the extortionists, he refused to pay. In response, a few days later, the suspects forcibly took the victim to the notary. There, according to their plan, he was supposed to effectuate a power of attorney for property in Moscow on one of the suspects. However, according to the preliminary data, the notary smelt a rat seeing customers’ suspicious behavior and refused to register the transaction.

Subsequently, defendants continued to demand money from the victim threatening to fall back on more drastic measures, if he did not find the required amount. Then, the young man filed a complaint with the police. As a result, the Moscow Criminal Investigation officers detained all the OCG’s participants on the trail. They are Moscow residents aged from 20 to 26 years old. They are currently detained in accordance with Article 91 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

A criminal case is initiated under Art.163 of the Criminal Code (Extortion).

Video: Gang of extortionists is neutralized by the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department



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