Moscow: new defendants in the case of Taganskaya gang 

Moscow: new defendants in the case of Taganskaya gang
Igor Zhirnokleyev

Economic security department of the FSB was put in charge of the investigation into the killings of businessmen.

The Moscow Basmanny Court granted petition of the investigation on the arrest of the 47-year-old deputy general director of Kuzminki LLC Oleg Rusanov, 51-year-old co-owner of Veri Kari Rus company Yuri Malinovsky, and 50-year-old unemployed Muscovite Boris Tretyak. Earlier, they were detained by the FSB on suspicion of involvement in the killings and participation in the Taganskaya organized criminal group.

Rusanov and Tretyak were charged with the murder of businessman Oleg Pokrovsky, who disappeared in 2004, believed to be connected the conflict with Afghani market in Kuzminki. In addition, Tretyak and Malinovsky are also accused of the murder of Valery Zhuravlev, general director of OAO Rospischeprom, in 2008.

The cases were combined with several more cases that were initiated on the facts of crimes in the 2000s and 2010s. As Rosbalt reported, the gangsters are also being checked for involvement in the murders of thieves in law Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan) and Vyacheslav Ivankov (Japonchik), as well as the "authoritative" entrepreneur Shabtai Kalmanovich.

Григорий Рабинович

Grigory Rabinovich

According to RBC, the head of the investigation team in this case is the investigator for particularly important cases under the Investigative Committee Chairman, General Nikolai Tutevich, who had previously investigated the murder of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, and of General Ivan Tkachev, the head of the Economic Security Separtment of the FSB, controls the course of the investigation. 

According to sources in law enforcement agencies, the FSB was put in charge of the investigation in order to prevent leaks of operational information related to the Taganskaya organized criminal group to high-ranking officials. For example, a former investigator who participated in the investigation of high-profile crimes, tried to leave Russia soon after he learned that the investigation team had withdrawn materials on cases related to the gang.

In March, officers of the Federal Security Service found and seized one of the largest weaponry of an organized crime group in Russia’s contemporary history in the territory of a military garrison Kubinka. There were 100 items of fire weapon including grenade guns, Kalashnikov guns, rifles with optical trackers, submachine weapon UZI, Vityaz, Scorpion, grenades and 15 thousand rounds of ammunition. Besides that, the operatives seized 36 kg of explosives and 2 self-made explosive devices.

In court, lawyers of Ruslanov, Malinovsky and Tretiak, as well as the defendants stated all accusations had been built on the ground of anonymous testimonies of a security-guarded witness who had also been a part of the group, but left it in 2008 due to conflicts. The defense had offered bails worth of 1 and 5 million rubles ($15.5 and 77.8 thousand, respectively) or place them under house arrest, as no one of them had escaped and all of them have underaged children. Besides that, Tretiak had recently gone through a serious knee operation.

Representative of the prosecution - Major Aleksander Kamashev - stated that Malinovsky had been warned about the prepared searches by someone. As a result, only switched off phone and half-prepared suitcase were found in the apartment. The accused was detained at the Road Patrol Service post by identifying his wife’s car.

Zhirnokleyev and his right-hand Rabinovich are now being checked into involvement in 15 other crimes. According to Rosbalt, accusations of economic crimes are expected to appear in the case. Besides multiple illegal takeovers, Taganskiye are being suspected of 2011 theft of a large amount of amber worth of dozens of millions dollars from Kaliningrad region-based warehouses. There are also questions to its main asset - Afganets market. There are concession stands in the territory with an area of more than 5 thousand square meters. However, there’s a license for construction of a shopping and recreation center with an area of 86 thousand square meters nearby. 



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